Jugaad Kitchen, Sector 31, Gurgaon

My first experience at Jugaad Kitchen was quite a confusing one. I went there with a friend (not a food lover tho).

  • Ambience- Average

Unfortunately, when I reached at the venue, there was no electricity in the area. The place was not steaming hot, but still, it wasn’t pleasant either. We had to stay like that for an hour before we stopped sweating.

The appearance of the place is simple and decent. However, they can do a little touch up with the place to enhance its appeal.

  • Food- Very Very Good (must visit for vegetarians)

We ordered Chatpata Honey Chilly Potato, Masala Tandoori Soya Chaap, Chicken Tikka and Kadhai Paneer Plate.

The food was mouth-watering and delicious. Yes, it justifies two adjectives that mean the same. The appearance as well as the flavour. It is a great place for vegetarians because the Chicken Tikka could be more crispy, but the rest was just finger-linkin’.

  • Beverages

Unfortunately, they did not have anything other than Fresh Lime Soda, which was quite decent. We ordered three glasses but was upset because there were no shakes available.

  • Staff

The staff was polite and the food arrived on time.

  • Must-have: Everything that is mentioned in veg.
  • Suggestion- Reduce the menu or make sure everything on it is available for the customers.


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