Amazon Finds : Holi Festival

Natural Holi Colors

These 10 different vibrant colors are natural, safe and good to skin.
They are easy to take off from clothes too.
The packets are of ideal size and easy to peel off.

At the given price, they are great options for Holi festival


Holi Water Gun

Holi without water gun is incomplete, so this gun does the magic and is a favorite among kids.
It comes in a pair of two which is good for families with more than one kid, as each one of them gets the same and there is no fight.

It is easy to fill and shoot, max till 40 feet.
Looks safe and durable too.

I think this pair is a great option for water guns at the given price.

Holi Water Balloons

Water Balloons are the most fun part of Holi, so having the right stock is very important.
These balloons from Bunch O Balloons are perfect fit for the occasion.

They fill up easily and are made up of natural and sustainable material.
A pack of 200+ balloons at $14 is a nice deal.

Holi T-shirt

This is a great t-shirt for Holi festival.
It has a nice design, vibrant colors with “Happy Holi” message.

The fitting of the t-shirt is great.
The fabric is soft, breathable and of good quality.

I think you get an enhanced feel of the festival after wearing this t-shirt.

Holi Backdrop Banner

If you are looking for a vibrant and colorful banner for the Holi party, this is a great choice.
This banner is of perfect size and durable. Doesn’t tear off while hanging on the wall.

Holi Bookmarks 

You hardly find Indian festival bookmarks, so this is a great way to spread awareness about Indian festivals among students in USA. These bookmarks are adorable, have great design and come in 12 different patterns.

The size of the bookmarks is perfect. Quality is nice.

Book on Holi Festival

This book is a great way to introduce young readers to Holi festival.
The illustrations are refreshing and captivating.
I think the beauty of the book is that it also shows community togetherness beyond the festival celebration.

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