Scene High Bar at Sohna Road is a Delight for Foodies!

Scene high bar is on level 3 at Ninex mart, Sohna road.

They got some amazing food to relish on!

I visited the place for the first time and couldn’t stop taking pictures of the outdoor since they got beautiful outdoor seating. It’s summers so decided to order their special watermelon cooler. The drink was refreshing. Up next was some appetizers, ‘Drums of heaven’ was their best starter. I loved the way they garnished the plate. Dal makhani and methi malai paneer were some of the other dishes on the menu. You must try ‘Thentuk Soup’, it got the right amount of spices and veggies. With all that delightful food in my tummy, my eyes saw one more interesting option in the menu under desserts named ‘Cocktail Fruit-cream’, this Fruit-cream was served in a cocktail glass and it got more liquid consistently like drinks. Quite a dessert 🙂

The restaurant manager, Mr. Vinod, served us with delight.

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