How to Find Actors for Your Show

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For those in the art industries, you are aware of the daily difficulties of the grind. There is some truth behind the term “starving artist”. So much of art is really for the passion and pure enjoyment of creating. Hardly do you see artists raking in profits besides musical artists. But here you are with your approval on your script and you are looking for actors. Let’s go over some tips to make this a little simpler. 

Through Advertising

The number one way of getting actors to come and audition for your show is to advertise it in the casting world. Contact acting agencies as they work on behalf of actors to get roles that are best suited for the actors. Be sure to complete thorough research on these agencies before contacting them, some of them can be scams.

Additionally, you can advertise on websites that are specifically targeted to actors, producers, and other film industry professionals. You can look at your local performing arts divisions at the colleges in your town. There are actors out there who are hungry for the gigs and you’ll get plenty of talent coming your way.

Lastly, search Facebook and other common areas where social media meets employment. There are elements to Facebook that group together subscribers of specific industries. News travels fast as well and can be spread for free. This can get plenty of foot traffic for your show. 

Seek Them Out

Another way to get the perfect performers for your open roles is to go to the actor! You see this a lot in Hollywood when it comes to big names, big budgets, and big sets. You can do the same on a smaller scale. There are plenty of websites with actors for hire. With this approach, you can get quite specific with each character’s role.

For example, if one of the roles is for someone to have a dark sense of humor, you can then seek out an actor who succeeds with humor. Not all actors can do all things, and that is okay. But when you want to make sure you are casting specifically to your roles, then seeking out actors can be the best approach.

Going to the source can be helpful if you are looking to bring on fresh actors or struggling actors. I’m always a sucker for the underdog and maybe you want to cast someone who will not only shine through but will shine even brighter for the opportunity to be playing a part. Whatever your reason, the internet is the answer.

Audition Venues

Once again, actors hang out where there are performing arts amenities. This is usually at a theater, acting class, or drama club. You should create an insight into your script so that you can sell your project. Provide information about the specifics of the roles, their biographies, the character flaws, what makes this role important.

Once you have created a solid pitch, actors will pass along the information amongst themselves as well. You should then have auditions in an easy-to-find location. Find a venue to have the auditions where it is comfortable for those auditioning and those watching as well. A lot rides on casting the proper actors for the roles and you are very aware of this if you are a director or producer.

There are some additional shortcuts to casting that you may hear about here and there. If you have a small budget, you may want to look at hiring friends or family. At times, low-budget films look to non-actors that fit similarly to the characters. Whatever you decide, casting is a crucial part of the whole process. Your approach should be mindful of your reputation and the reputation of the actors you bring on so you’ll want to research the casting as thoroughly as you can.

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