Shreeji Naan And Paratha

Shreeji Naan and Paratha is a restaurant located in Pune known for its North Indian dishes. Last weekend I  went there with few of my friends. I recommend this place for all the people who have cravings for Delhi authentic paratha’s and want to get the same taste here in Pune.

The Review

Shreeji Naan and Paratha is a restaurant located in Dolphin Plaza near Akurdi railway station. This place has 2 types of sitting arrangements – Outdoor & Indoor. As soon as we entered we were told to go upstairs for the sitting. Restaurant has buffet on the first floor and I was really amazed to see the ambience once I came to first floor. Restaurant is decorated by there own people and it was really a masterpiece.


Afternoon started with various flavoured coolers like imli, Kacchi kairi, Orange, Green Apple, Kala khatta. All of them tasted good ,personally I liked the Kala Khatta very much.


We ordered Cheese corn on toast, Cheesa corn balls,Veg Sizzler, Paneer Shezwan Papad. Cheese corn on toast and cheese corn balls was as crispy as it should have been, layer of cheese on top of it enhanced the taste.Veg Sizzler was a unique combination of rice, potato fries, potato tikki and paneer. Papad had soft paneer cubes coated with butter with layer of cheese on Panner Shezwan Papad.


North Indian Cuisines

We ordered Farm Fresh Paav Bhaaji, Chur chur Naan Thali, Daal Lasuni Paratha, Corn cheese paratha thali.

Farm fresh Paav bhaaji was a unique and wonderful experience for us. As instead of Potato , farm fresh Spinach was used for bhaaji. Its a must try for people who wants to try Pav bhaji in different style. Chur chur Naan Thali has couple of chur chur naana with season onions, daal makhni, choley, boondi raita and salad. Personally I did not like the taste of chur chur naan , although my friends were fine with the taste. Daal Lasuni Paratha thali was served with flat paratha topped with butter and was served with daal makhni, choley, boondi raita and salad. Corn chees paratha thali had paratha stuffed with potatao, corn and loaded with good amount of cheese. It was served with daal makhni, choley, boondi raita and salad.




For me sweets are as important as other dishes. As we say ” All is well that ends well”. In sweets we ordered Gajar Halwa, Moong daal Halwa and Kulfi falooda. Gajar Halwa was topped with almonds but was a little dry. It could have little more milk to enhance the taste. I was personally waiting for Moong dal ka halwa was also  topped with almonds and it was perfectly made, I loved the taste. Last but not the least was Kulfi falooda. Kulfi falooda was a blast of so many flavours. It had scoop of vanilla ice cream with jellies, sabja ,almonds, kesar , pista.  It should not be missed for falooda lovers.

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