360 Degree – The Revolving Fine Dine Restaurant


360 Degree – The Revolving Fine Dine Restaurant is the first revolving restaurant in Maharashtra. This place has 3 floors with lounge, revolving restaurant , rooftop restaurant located in each floor. Apart from having the great ambience , they have great taste too with quick service. I recommend this place to everyone to have a fine dining experience of first ever revolving restaurant of Maharashtra.

The Review

360 Degree – The Revolving Fine Dine Restaurant is located in Bhosale – Shinde Arcade of JM Road. We have to struggle a little to reach the place but the moment we enter the place our struggle paid off. At the start you do not realize that restaurant is revolving . But after few minutes you come to know that place is actually revolving and you start getting goosebumps. One revolution takes approximately 45mins. So , by the time you finish your food you have actually completed 2 to 3 revolutions.


We were offered to try 360 degree Special, Fruit Punch, Mango blossom, Urban Jungle Mocktail, Grasshopper Mocktail. All the drinks were perfectly made and each of them had great taste. Of all the drinks my personal favourite was Fruit Mocktail. It was a great combination of  orange juice , pineapple juice, mango juice and rose syrup.


In starters we were offered to try banjara kabab ,Chin Mai Chicken ,Veg Crispy , Corn Seekh Kabab, Paneer Angara Kebab and Murg Dum Kebab . Banjara Kabab had good marination of chilies, coriander and ginger. It was served with mint chutney and fine cut onions. Chin Mai Chicken was spicy and had soft chicken pieces marinated with black bean sauce. Veg crispy had proper crisp flavor to it. Corn Seekh Kabab was a kebab with good stuffing of corn and other veggies. Paneer Angara Kebab had a smoky flavor to the taste and was spicy too, but tasted really yummy. Murg Dum Kebab was my favourite in all of the starters we had.  It was served in clay pot . Chicken pieces were properly marinated with cream and cheese. It tasted a little sweet but it is a must try dish.


Main Course.

After such long list of lip smacking starters we were almost full but wanted to try main course too. In main course we tried Burmese Khow Suey, Bhatti Da Murg. Bhatti Da Murg had spicy curry relished with coriander and rich tomato-onion base.Burmese Khow Suey had chilli noodles served with curry which was seet in taste. It was served with onions and other herbs.


We tried 360 Degree special Matka Kulfi. It was a fine blend of Milk and Khoya. It was really delicious. Some additions are required in there dessert menu .

Overall a nice place to have unique experience of first ever revolving restaurant of Maharashtra.



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