Yum hai Hum: Yummy-food delivery outlet

Yum hai Hum
They say , a happy tummy gives a happy day.
Yum hai Hum
Being a foodie, you always search for some factors , like fast home delivery , freshly cooked food , pocket friendly rates and good food packaging.
What if you get all these together , sounds interesting right ?
Yum hai Hum
Yes, we are not kidding , we got to witness a food start up that deliveres freshly cooked food in pocket friendly prices.
To be precise , we walked in to review a Newly started food start up called as “Yum hai Hum!!”
Yes , the name is interesting and it justifies the quality and the taste of food they serve to their customers.
Yum hai Hum
They have a wide variety of innovative veg and non-veg eateries that are tempting enough to make anyone irrestible.
The reviewer being a Veg (Sorry non veg readers !!) , got to relish his taste-buds on the freshly prepared veg food items.
Some of those are :
Soup :
Yum hai Hum
Hot and spicy veg manchaw soup was the perfect start to the dinner.
Freshly prepared and properly heated soup was a delight to taste.
Apart from the veg soup , there were many other varients of soup that they serve like Tom Kakai Soup , Veg Tom Yum , Chicken Tom yum and lots more.
So next time , when you are in search of having a delightful soup , you know the where to find it.
Starters :
A tempting range of starters was served to us , some of them being :
Yum hai Hum
Paneer Tikka : Freshly well marinated Paneer with spices and grilled in tandoor to give you the crisp and yumm feel of Tikka.
R4review rating : 3.5/5
Paneer in Hunaan Sauce : Another tempting varient of Paneer starters where Paneer was marinated in Hunan sauce.
Yum hai Hum
The taste is such that you can resist yourself to just one bite.It truely justified an older tagline : “No one can eat just one!”
R4review rating : 5/5
Stuffed Mushroom :
Yum hai Hum
Being a mushroom lover, often people complaint of not getting good mushroom starters or not getting “that” good taste.
So if you are one of them , this place solves that concern for you.Perfectly stuffed fresh mushroom are must-to-eat from Yum hai hum !
R4review rating : 4/5
Then we moved on to review some amazing food options in the main course and all items were so amazing that we were confused which one to start with 😉
Some of those were:
Paneer Lasooni :
Yum hai Hum
Yes, Fresh Paneer with that signature lasooni taste is always a good option to keep your tummy happy.
As they say “First impression matters!” , so was the case here. The look of the dish was so tempting that you ought to try it.
R4review rating : 3.5/5
Daal Peshawari :
Yum hai Hum
Dal thats cooked for 14 hours to give you the foodgasm of a delicious Dal.A must try dish to kill all the food cravings.
By far the best dish that we got to taste.
R4Review rating : 5/5 (Wish we can give more !!)
Some other Mouth-watering dishes in the non-veg sections were there , which though we didn’t taste , but as they say : “A picture is worth thousand words”
Have a look at the below pictures and relish it :
Yum hai Hum
Yum hai Hum
Yum hai Hum
To accompany the dishes , we had Naan which was freshly prepared in Butter milk .
Also we got to taste the ever famous Triple Schezwan Rice , that made the dinner complete.
Soon , Yum hai hum will be serving tempting milk shakes and desserts to all the food lovers.
Now you will ask, whats special in “Yum hai hum” , so let me give you some highlghts :
– They serve food in the 5km vicinity in and around Khar area currently.
– Their packaging is so perfect that food remains hot and fresh even after 45 minutes.
– They have lots of combo options to make your meal interesting and not making a hole in your wallet.
– They deliver food from 11 AM TO 11:45 PM and they are eyeing to deliver yummy food 24*7 as soon as government rules get sorted.
And as they say : “Delivery to honi hi hai !!” , so order from Yum hai hum , take a back seat and enjoy Yummilicious fresh food !!!!

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