Surge 2016 : Stats & Figures

MANPHO CONVENTION CENTRE in BENGALURU hosted the biggest tech conference of India, Surge 2016.

23rd and 24th Feb witnessed a surge of Startups, Investors, CEOs of big companies and media under a single roof.


centre stage

Below are some Stats & Figures from India’s biggest tech  conference -:

  • 58,190 conversations were held on the SURGE app.
  • Over 5,000 people from 72 countries were in Bengaluru for SURGE this week. They sat on 2,100 chairs underneath 461 lightbulbs in the Manpho Convention Centre.
    157 signs helped attendees get to where they needed to be.
  • Three miles worth of electrical cable was used to keep everything ticking over, and 115 lights lit the SURGE stages – Centre, Enterprise, Marketing and Startup University.
  • 72 of our high-level attendees, including Blippar’s Ambarish Mitra, Zoomcar’s Greg Moran and Ather Energy’s Tarun Mehta, took part in Mentor Hours.
  • 288 pre-arranged meetings were held where the SURGE mentors advised our startups on how to run a successful business.
  • Over 200 investors came.
  • Sponsored by NEA, the Office Hours scheme saw 480 meetings between SURGE startups and investors.
  • Funds such as Sequoia, Accel Partners, 500 Startups, NEA, Blume Ventures, Kalaari Capital participated.
  • 433 startups exhibited on the SURGE floor – 418 ALPHA and 15 START – across the two days of the conference.
  • 130 speakers gave talks on the SURGE stages, and 290 international media such as Financial Times, CNBC, Wall Street Journal and BBC were present at the conference.
  • About 12,000 cups of coffee was consumed.


In the upcoming posts find out 

  1. How was the biggest tech conference of India, Surge 2016 ?
  2. Was it a super hit or just met people’s expectations ? 
  3. Insight of the 2 days @ Surge 2016.
  4. What kind of startups appeared in Surge and did it really proved to be a great international platform for them ?
  5. What did a blogger like me learnt from it?

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