Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore Sunday Brunch

What will be your plan for a perfect Sunday?

Amongst lot of options that we have, I am sure this one is going to be on the hit list of everyone.

Be it chilling out with friends, or a perfect date plan with your bae, or a lazy Sunday spend with family this can fill all your options. One of the most popular brewery and café in Bangalore, Hard Rock Café has recently launched the much-awaited Sunday Brunch.

The Brunch offers you an unlimited spread of liquor, beer, cocktails, and wines, juices along with a wide variety of starters, entrée, salads and desserts. What I liked the most about this Brunch was it has almost equal option for both Veg and Non- Veg. In addition, the taste was superb. The presentation was spot on.


We ordered Santa Fe Spring Rolls. The taste was delicious. The outer crust was soft and thin yet crispy with inside rich filling of corn, jalapenos, herbs and loads of cheese. Next, we ordered Mac & cheese bites, which were equally delicious, egg fritters. The best part is even the kids will love it. I can bet, as my little daughter just loved those. You see, that is why I mentioned this brunch is a

perfect family time for a Lazy Sunday.

I also ordered a Chargrilled Tex-Mex Chicken Skewers. The taste was good but I found it just ok compared to other two dishes what I had before.

For the entrée’s we went for Srilankan Veg sliders burger. It was again perfect for the taste bud. The patty inside cheesy and yummylicious.

It has live counters as well for Pastas. From the Live station we ordered a Pasta Penne Arrabbiata. Trust me, it was one of the best Pasta I recently had.

Next, we ordered two desserts Hot fudge Brownie Sundae and Sinful Hot Fudge Sundae. The texture of ice cream was light and creamy. It was delicious and not an overdose of sweetness.

All this and many more varieties at a price of Rs. 2222 (all-inclusive).


I should not be talking much about the ambiance. All of us are quite familiar with what Hard Rock Café symbolizes. The ambiance as usual was spacious, comfortable with Rock music playing around.

So what are you thinking? Already, started planning for the next Sunday.

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