Selfie Swag – It’s Some Selfie Coffee Time..

On first floor of DLF Mall of India Sector 18 Noida you will find a cafe with a difference , At first everything about the cafe would seem normal like any other cafe but once the red machine would start , the coffee would look better than before. I had the chance to visit this place as part of R4Review team and the experience was amazing. More so because my wife and I had our favorite selfie on a cup of coffee , it was like tasting better and looking special.

20170811_143124 20170811_143146

It is something new that I came across and really if you are with your family or friends at the DLF Mall of India it is a must visit place. For those who love their coffee cold would love this one even more. The name, Selfie Swag goes almost well with the theme of the cafe and the seating arrangement is equally good but it would be just great to grab your cup and stroll across.

20170811_141141 20170811_141149

A 4/5 stars from R4Review team for the idea and implementation, also a cup of coffee and other beverages at a reasonable price as well.

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