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Okay, yes Adlabs Imagica is not the newest hub of the Mayanagri, but you can’t really deny the soaring success this dreamy theme park has gained in a span of two years. I was recently invited to Imagica for reviewing the place, and despite being scared (Yes! Dead Scared) of rides I did go. So here it is, all about Imagica to contemplate whether to go or not to go.


Reasons why you should visit Imagica

  1. Theme – It is all about Disney from the minute you enter. The Dream Magic castle with a pond full of lotuses; 3D walls with stories of Disney Princesses and little bit of magical touch to every corner. It is a mini Disney land which actually has tried to stay very different from Disney with a magical Indian flavour in the theme.
  2. Rides – As scared as I was, I did try out some rides including Nitro, Deep space, Mr India – the death ride and Rajasaurus River Adventure (An indoor ride which takes back the visitors to dinosaur age via a boat in on river which ends with an splashy inclined fall down to a water pool from a height of 20m). Love rides, you will not be disappointed even for a minute!
  3. Shows and Theme Rides – This is for kids, grown ups and for people like me! Fun, themed and mildly scary ride of Salimgarh – the land of the death, into the cave of the forty thieves from Ali Baba and Chalis Chor, finding and fighting life forces in the Temple of Gods, travelling underwater will sleeping on ground during prince of the Dark water and admiring bird’s eye view of the diversity of India in I for India.
  4. The parade – The Imagica parade sure takes you though the theme of the park in a span of 15 mins. Dance, music, fun, and magic; Disney theme and Indian twist – define the parade, which happens every evening at 5 near the magic lake. But in case you have plans of leaving early, the stunts and dance performers have impromptu shows around the park throughout the day.
  5. For Photo Crazy People – You wont be able to resist the urge of going photo crazy around the place that is brilliantly decorated with dreamy lights and quirky decore.


Though I had a hell lot of fun there, with minor jolts of shock scare and motion sickness, I did realize some reason why you might not want to visit Imagica.

  1. Express ticket – Imagica entry does not guarantee comfortable rides without the hassle of queues. If you are an adrenaline junky and enjoy rides it is better to pay for the express ticket. But at the same time express ticket is nothing but a waste of money for people like me, who are extremely scared of rides, there aren’t many rides or shows to keep you occupied the whole day.
  2. Food – You are not allowed to carry anything inside the park and the food at Imagica eateries is slightly heavy on your pockets and not worth the money at all.
  3. Sun – Imagine standing in long queues with no shade at all during summers. Trust me it is not fun, especially when it is the tropical sun. Not scared of tanning completely, well you don’t need to worry a bit the.
  4. Diversity of rides – As the park is still new, it has a lot of new and exciting rides but fails in numbers, the shows seemed more than the rides at a point and some rides seemed like ‘just there for the sake of having something’ eg. The Cup and Saucer ride and the dashing boats.

Hope this review helps you decide and when and how for your Imagica Day Out. Do let us know in the comments if you need more info.


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    Images is the most fabulous place we have ever been .most exciting is the Imagica theme park .our full family and friends enjoyed a lot …we just love it really very interesting place thankfully we loved it

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