Dear Zindagi : Movie Review

Dear Zindagi, the latest release this weekend is all about the perspective of individuals towards life. The movie starring Alia bhatt and Shahrukh Khan makes you ponder over the fears of life in a more sensible and accepting way. It depicts how a wild mind full of complexities, transforms into a mature one when it meets its true interpreter.



About the story

Kaira (Alia Bhatt) a young and talented cinematographer is dealing with problems of her life in a troubled and agitated state of mind; be it her dream job, her relationship status or the kind of bond she shares with her parents. These thoughts lead her to Dr Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan), the DD (Dimaag ka Doctor) of the movie who helps her in finding the way out and eventually dealing with the situations in a more effective manner.


Review of the movie

If you keep lot of things inside you then the better one outside won’t be able to make space into your soul. “Agar khul ke ro nhi sakte, to khul ke hasoge kaise.” In her very second movie, the writer-director Gauri Shinde had made an attempt to make her audience feel free from all the restrictive thoughts they have and fly high with only serene life in their hands. Though she had succeeded but not completely.

She makes you cry, she makes you laugh. At many places you will find great one-liners creating a pinch of magic. But the first half of the movie somewhere loses its pace and here she wants us to be patient. Things begin to grow up when Shahrukh makes his appearance in the story and begins to collect, one by one, the pieces of the past and present of the protagonist which are the reasons for her recklessness and let viewers stick to their seat and hold their emotions.

Music brings tranquility to the heart, songs are soothing and well sequenced. The flawless acting of Alia and subtle dialogue delivery of Shahrukh makes it a good watch. If you want to come out of theater with a sense of some inner happiness, self-satisfaction and self-connection to yourself, then you should definitely give it a try.

Surely a one time watch.
(3/5 stars)


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    I haven’t seen SRK movie for a long time. Reason – nothing new to offer. Is this movie also the same stuff coated differently or there is really something new here?

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