Dogs and Witches- CR Park

Hello everyone!

Hows everyone doing? So,last night I got my food delivered from this cafe called Dogs and witches.It’s located in CR Park,New Delhi.

Dogs and witches serves in cuisines like Chinese and American.They have multiple items to choose from.Starting from mojitos,shakes,burgers,wraps,desserts and many more.After going through the menu of all these tempting food items I’ve gone for-

  1. Passion fruit Mojito
  2. Pesto sauce Pasta
  3. Brownie waffle sundae

Passion fruit Mojito

I am very fond of Mojitos and thus I give attention to each and every aspect of it.With the very first sip of it I tasted perfection. From the sweetness content to balanced flavours it had all in right amount.Absolutely loved it.

Pesto sauce Pasta

When it comes to pasta,Pesto sauce is one of my favourites.And the pasta by Dogs and witches fulfilled all my expectations.Right amount of chicken chunks with light and creamy sauce.Highly recommended.

Brownie sundae waffle

The waffles served yesterday were in right quantity with equivalent amount of sugar and ice cream.Though they could have been made a little crispier.The packing and everything was on point keeping everything intact.

Rating 4.5/5

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