COMIO – #DontListen KarDaal

COMIO , is it yet another Chinese mobile trying to make big in Indian market after Oppo and Vivo?

This is the question that I have heard around me when I was at the launch of COMIO mobile phone in North India for Mid-Segment market. The launch event had an AV followed by the phone specifications and features explained by the product head for the India Market.


They seemed a great bunch of enthusiastic and hardworking team, which was apparent from the way the product head was talking about the COMIO mobile phones. The mobile was finally inaugurated by Ms. Yami Gautam – who talked about the product and its association with the youth of India.


You can always read about the variants, specifications and price here.




We at R4Review would tell you why you should buy this and why not?

Pros :

  1. It is a good phone for a 5K to 6K range with nice speaker quality and 32 GB internal memory.
  2. They gave it a sleek look with a metal body and great finishing.
  3. Security feature also includes Photo capturing feature In case someone tries to enter the wrong password multiple times, It is something new that Top Wise Communication has introduced into their smartphones.
  4. They also have shown a wide range of after buying support options like upgrade option within one year, exchange policy. It looked impressive on the plate now.
  5. Good Marketing team so we might see a lot of COMIO with nice offers floating in the market in next few months.
  6. Their collaboration with JIO and 20 GB free data offer for today’s youth who prefer data over calling.

Cons :

  1. There are already other phones with better specifications if you look at the 8K-12K range of the phones that they offer.
  2. Quality has always been a question mark for Chinese product so how would they change the customer perspective will be a thing to watch for.
  3. Their AV could have been more catchy for youth had less impact on someone like me, maybe I am getting old.
  4. Design looks similar to a Samsung or a new iphone counterparts, could have been more innovative.

Considering the INDO-CHINESE tension at the border would this be a good time to launch a phone, only time will tell. In the meantime, R4Review will give 3/5 for this product.

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