Falafels – Lower Parel – Tastegasm Guaranteed !

We had the chance to review the new variety of Falafels , which are coming soon for all the customers , those were :

– Beetroot Falafel : Amazing blend of the goodness of beetroot and the deliciousness of Falafels.
-Mix veg Falafels : Mixed veggie based falafel is a sure treat to the taste buds and is a must try.

Falafels Mumbai Falafels Mumbai

Apart from Falafels , we also got the chance to taste Lebanese pizza and Date cookie , and we cant justify in words how tasty they were !

Falafel , a Middle Eastern dish of spiced mashed chickpeas and other pulses formed into balls or fritters and deep-fried is always a treat for the tastebuds , but it needs someone to do justice with its crispness and texture, and we got both of them while reviewing this amazing set of falafels.

So next time , when your mind says Falafel , you know where to head to !

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