Wondrbox – Your Child’s Christmas Surprise !!!

As we are nearing end of this year with Christmas just knocking at our doorsteps , I received a great surprise from  team of wondrbox.  A startup from a mother of two who is on a mission to create more creative , artistic and makers of the future. Gone were the days when a child is satisfied playing outside in mud or can be engaged in a particular activity for a longer period of time.

Now with advent of technology , there is distraction all around us and our children are no exception to the fact that more choices have made them more restless and they get bored with a toy so easily. The cartoons like Doaremon or Sinchan is taking most of their times which is neither educational nor add any skills to their kitty.

In all that Wondrbox comes as solution for all the parents like me who would like their child to be involved in a creative or more skillful activity which will help them in future as well. The box in itself consists of at least 4 different activities which are so perfectly chosen for overall development of a child from emotional studies to artistic development.  The box is very preciously created for four types of age groups keeping their preferences in mind :


  • 3-4 Years (The Toddlers)
  • 5-7 Years (The Curious Minds)
  • 8-10 Years (The Little Explorers)
  • 11+ (The Upcoming Conquerors)

The day i decided to introduce my daughter who is 3 years old to this wonderful box , I was not sure about the reaction I would get from her but as soon as she saw the box she was all excited to open all four activity kits at once. I did manage to get her engaged in a story book that was also part of the box and read it loud to her. She was happy to listen to the story but as soon as we reached the end she has all her senses concentrated on the kits to be opened. Her expressions below tells the whole story.

The kit comprised of the below activities in the sequence in which my daughter opened them up :

1.  The Mood Cubes – As the name suggest it was a very helpful exercise for the child of her age to first create a cube and then color it(which she likes the most). Once she was done coloring the cube she created different emotions on the cube. This is great activity to enhance creativity and enhance emotional development of a child.

2. Mood Train – This was one of the favorite of my child , she has just played and won this game an hour before i sat down to pen down mine and her experience.  This is just like snakes and ladder but with a twist instead of dice or ladders we use emotions card to proceed further on the train. Also apart from cards showing various emotions it also has cards which ask child to share his/her happy , sad or excited moment. This helps a child to relate her experiences to the emotions on the card. This is our daughter father’s personal favorite as well till now.

3. Animal Emotion – This is another exciting activity to introduce emotions. The kit consists of animal cutouts depicting various emotions, a checklist, and a placement sheet. This will be an excellent activity to learn numbers, counting, and sorting which helped my daughter to know different emotions and also helped her in counting cards associated with a particular emotion.

4. Trace and Memorize – This one is one activity which helped my child to trace and write alphabets without my help. She even remembered various alphabets that she traced on the sheet. Each drawing had a word written below which helped her to relate what she was writing to the picture.

A 4.5 star from R4Reviw team , 4 for the box and 0.5 for the idea that came from a mother who is also an entrepreneur now.

P.S – My wife always engaged my daughter into different creative activities like panting to make sure she spend less time in front of TV but since we got Wondrbox , life has been easy for her and for me whenever i need to spend time with my child it is just a box away. All thanks to Wondrbox !!!!!


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