Delhi food truck festival

Delhi food truck festival

Running in its 2nd Edition, the Festival is the biggest and the most popular Food Truck Festival in the Country.This edition saw mouth watering and sumptuous Cuisines from across the Globe from more than 40 Food Truck Brands, over 30 F&B stalls, a Mega Bar & an exclusive Sheesha lounge.

Food trucks have recently become a popular choice amongst the millennial crowd, to dine, so ,#DFTF, has brought all of them in one place for you to come and enjoy the music, games and food.

Entering the festival on a cold saturday evening, i experience there were not many attendees, of course the marriage season was on, but the crowd was expected, as it was a weekend in the last week of november. This, was a positive sign for a foodie in me, so that I get to try almost every food item without the queue (who likes to stand in the queue anyway ;))

It all started with my first date, with a waffle from maka maka, it was delicious, a browny fudge as they call it, had just the right ingredients and taste to make my day better and my grin larger. There were many waffle stalls, but their presentation stood out.

After a sugar rush satisfaction, i was in a mood to have some mouth watering snacks and BBQ ride, was the destination for me, check out their stall and you’ll never forget them, they have a nice Royal enfield, bullet on which they put their grill and they serve you. They had the best stall presentation and yes the food was good too, it was so delicious that i couldn’t capture the picture and ate it all 🙁

PS : do try their non-veg platter next time you see them.

Let me tell you about the ambiance of the festival, it was so lively, all thanks to the music, which was made by a band called ‘sick & sane’. The crowd despite less in number, danced to the beat. They played some really nice numbers, a few were my favourites too 😉 Such festivals bring a smile on your face, no matter what. That’s what happened with me here.

So, moving on from a spicy food, i had to try my best to calm my taste-buds, anything better than a waffle wrapped inside a burger ? oh yeah, i was in for a treat when i saw this stall called ‘freeze up’ they had the best burgers in the festival, because they were waffle burgers, of course, its any foodie’s dream to taste such a thing.


After that, i thought taking a stroll would be an ideal way to digest all that, so i came across a stall who was run by a mother-daughter duo and to my surprise, they were selling soaps on a food truck festival, that might sound weird to you, as it did to me, but boy you must check their soaps, i got one for myself and really liked it, they are known by ‘elysia’

I could see, people having a gala time, with beers in their hand and music all over the place taking over, and food everywhere, like literally everywhere, who says heaven doesn’t exist, well they should try the delhi food truck festival.

until next time.

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