Husttle, Girgaum, Mumbai.

Husttle is a vegetarian-only fine resto-bar located just near the Royal Opera House in Charni Road. The place serves some delectable Mexican, Italian and North Indian dishes in which Jain options are also available, along with some delicious mocktails/ cocktails. The upper level also serves sheeshas here and a lot of unplugged musical events also takes place which adds onto the ambience.


The place is divided into two levels, the ground level is purely a resto and the upper level, which is connected through stairs, is a resto cum sheesha lounge. The seating is comfortable with sofas, chairs and high chair with an eye-catching open bar! The music in the background was really amazing with some popular hits playing one after the other. The lighting is well-done and it isn’t dim like the other bars. There’s also a mini-stage in the corner for live unplugged music. Overall, the ambience is impressive.

Rating: 5/5

Service and Staff:

We were greeted by Mr Vishwas who handles the bar and he escorted us to our seats. He was polite and friendly although he was the only one around who was making the drink as well as serving. The other staff members weren’t there in the area in which we were sitting upstairs which made the service extremely slow. We had to wait for someone to take the orders and Mr Vishwas was the only one who had to do multiple things at once to serve us. The other person who was near the counter also didn’t help him. Overall, when it comes to the service, the management seriously needs to take a look into it.

Rating: 2/5


1) Gabbie’s Punch: Gabbie’s Punch is a sparkling, non-alcoholic punch. The flavourful taste of the cranberry juice with the crunchy bites of pomegranate gives out citrus and lusciously delectable taste. Mr. Vishwas who handles the bar made the drink to absolute perfection. It’s easily one of the best mocktails I’ve tasted. I’d definitely recommend this drink.

Rating: 5/5

2) Orange Basil Mojito: It’s a classic vivifying drink having lime juice, mint, soda/ginger ale with some sugar. It’s a great summer cooler and a perfect drink to sip-on with the starters. Although less quantity of orange juice was diluted here, which was the only drawback, else the drink is refreshing nonetheless.

Rating: 4.5/5


1) Classic Paneer Tikka: Talk about a classic North Indian starter dish and the Paneer Tikka is the first dish that comes to my mind. Here, the paneer was extremely light on the bite and it was a melt in the mouth experience. The marinade was flavoursome on the palate but a tad bit spicy to my liking which can be ignored. Overall, it’s a classic dish which is well-prepared and presented. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Rating: 4.8/5

2) Avocado Toastie: The crispness of the bruschetta and the scrumptious taste of the guacamole on top with cherry tomato and feta made this dish a toothsome affair. If we talk about the quantity then you get four pieces of toasties. It’s definitely a must-try starter here!

Rating: 5/5

Main Course:-

1) Veg Tomato Risotto: Firstly, the aroma of the freshly made risotto itself was appetizing. The arborio rice was well-cooked and the veggies were tender on the bite. The garnishing of cheese made the risotto even more creamy and scrumptious. Definitely a delish main-coure option with the flavourful taste of tomatoes. Recommended!

Rating: 5/5



1) Gulab Jamun (infused with Rum): This dessert was the highlight of the dining experience having pieces of gulab jamun covered in thick ras malai, infused with Rum. It’s a rich, a luscious and scrummy affair which is absolutely delish on the palate. It’s a unique dessert option which you don’t happen to see anywhere else. I’d highly recommend it!

Rating: 5/5

In conclusion, Husstle is a fine resto-bar offering sheeshas, amidst a splendid ambience, and serving some scrumptious dishes and desserts. Definitely visiting again to try other dishes and drinks!

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