Supercouples: Inspiring stories of some couple-preneurs


A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. And when you treasure the distinctness at the office corridors too, the result cannot be less than ne plus ultra. Recently, we have received an invitation to review one such book which brought in light the stories of 20 such couples who found their ideal working partner in their better-half. “SuperCouples”- The couples who decided to break the rules and committed themselves to make their own set of terms and conditions without asterisk mark.

About the Author


A young entrepreneur, running her own start-up called, where they organise corporate team events and women solo travel events, Prachi Garg is a multi-talented colleen. I got the chance to exchange few words with her whose excerpts are as below:-

What inspired you to write about successful couples?

When I started, I faced few challenges and was not sure how to sail them through. It is then, I thought to speak to women entrepreneurs and then lately, I anthologized their stories in Superwomen. After this, I thought of coming up exclusively with couple-preneurs.

How did you come to know about these couples and what amount of time did you get to spend with an individual couple?

I read about them and then researched about them for around 3 months to get these 20 names. With some couples, it took me months to know their part of the story while, with others, it was just a matter of 20 days. I was in constant touch with them to ensure that their latest details are updated in the book.

How much is this concept of “partner-in-crime becoming partner-in-business” near to your heart?

I think this concept is related to every couple who aim to co-create the world. This is because in our daily lives, we come across the situation when we wonder what shall be the impact if we choose our life-partner to be the co-founder.

When is your next work coming?

My next work is coming up in either December or probably January next year.


About the book

As soon as I got my copy of the book, I was really excited to turn the pages to read the success stories of some wonderful couples and the timeline of the phases they have gone through. And the author served it really well. In this START-UP generation, where individuals are jumping over the traditional definitions of stable life and career paths, the conventional pattern of a partnership is also remodelling. And one of the most uncustomary of these changes is the redrafting of the relationship goals, with real life couples coming up with the idea of partnering up in the business too. While tracing the saga of each couple’s business story from its birth to adulthood in the book, one can get the glimpse of some real aha moments and the backdrop behind them. They are the examples of the fact that people are capable of reaching the pinnacle of their dreams even when the boundaries between home and office are becoming vague, partners bringing work to home and cherishing the concoction. The conjoined vocation can be anything from e-commerce to innovative gifts, eco-friendly products, digital marketing, reinventing art, communication and marketing consultancy, social responsibility venture, event management and many others.

This book brings some of such stories in the limelight to let the world know about the struggles of these couples, their hardships, commitment towards each other and their passion, achievements and finally deep satisfaction. After all when people in love share the love for each other’s aspirations too, a relatively positive energy is radiated in the environment resulting in something which is grand, wondrous and amazeballs. At the end of the day, the ticks of the checklist of completed tasks are much more important than the tick of the watch.

R4review say:

If you want to know how the stage set up when the couple come together at the board-meeting table of the workplace, the degree of patience that is on demand and the kind of uphill battle that is to be won to reach the top while keeping the balance in the relationship intact, you must once go through the stories of the book “Supercouples”. Who knows, the next can be yours??


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