USReviews : The one place to find many customer reviews in USA

Have you ever thought of having authentic reviews of any kind of services in USA at one platform? Let me tell you how I came across USReviews : The one place to find many customer reviews in USA.

It was about last weekend. I was sitting in my bedroom searching the web pages to find a good website that can help me plan a good vacation trip for my husband. After all, this would be my first big surprise for him. I wanted it to be perfect.

I was planning for the Euro trip for 15 days but believe me guys, this surprise concept is really tough. After searching for a complete 3 hours, all I can have with me was a complete confusion. There are thousands of sites giving many offers and complimentary deals on their site that it was really hard to choose from them and for some of them, it was really hard to believe them. They came up with some unbelievable schemes. The cost was like half from the others. I was really confused whether it was true or just to lure the customers.

So I decided to give the customer service call to one of them. I had the trust that they will guide me in a better way.

(bell rings)

Customer service: Hello. How can I help you?

Me: Hi, I am looking at your special package of Euro trip for two people. It looks interesting but confusing. Can you please guide me in a better way what are the in and outs of the package? That would be of great help.

Customer service: Sure! Let me tell you about the package.

And he told me about the trip. How they will be planning it for us; the stay, the food, and the itinerary. He briefed me about everything.
I was really satisfied. So I decided to go for it.

But before giving my final call, I thought of reading the reviews for the site since it was a something I never heard of and I was really shocked. Almost 80% of the reviews were below 3-stars. It was a complete shock for me. One review said it even did not worth half of the offer price.

Another one said pathetic itinerary planning.

And I decide not to go for it and resumed my search again.

Finally, I found one company offering the trip in the price which was as per my budget and 90% of the reviews were positive. I booked it. Bingo!!!

But while going through this complete process, I thought that it would have been really helpful and easy if I would have found all the customer reviews who have experienced the services by themselves at one place. It would have definitely saved a lot of my energy and time.

Just to find out if there is any place like this or not, I searched for it and to my surprise, I found it.

There is one site called USReviews which collects reviews, experiences, opinions, and complaints on all shops and web shops in the US. You decide which shop you would like to visit for your (online) purchases. Don’t go off on the sales talk of salesmen in a shop. Trust thousands of opinions of customers that went before you.

So, I decided to give a look at this site first before going for any of my purchases in future and this makes me feel relaxed. After all, my money must be invested into a reliable and trustworthy service.

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