New IRCTC Connect App Review

initial screen

initial screen

As a frequent traveler(and social animal 😉 ), I need to book tickets frequently. And for convenience, I have the railway’s tickets booking app(IRCTC) installed in my phone.

Few hours back I received an email from IRCTC side to download the beta version of the new IRCTC Rail Connect mobile app on Google play store. Out of curiosity, I clicked the link and installed the yet-to be released app. The new beta version looks better the old app that I have on my phone and after trying different options, I am trying to figure out the main differences and improvements(as per IRCTC and my experience):

initial screen

initial screens: old and updated app


search trains

search trains: old and updated app


menu options screen

menu options screen: old and updated app


customer profile

customer profile: old and updated app

  1. New Users, register and activate from App directly(earlier, the app used to open the original registration page)

    irctc new user registration screen

    irctc new user registration screen (old app on left, updated at right hand side)

  2. Advanced security features to use self-assigned PIN to login without entering username and password on each login. One step login to existing users (huge improvement, saves time)
    login screens

    login screens in old and updated app


    setup login pin

    setup login pin in updated app

  3. Ladies & Premium Tatkal quota booking support added.

    train search results

    train search results: old and updated app

  4. Current reservation facility.
  5. Integrated with IRCTC e-wallet for faster and hassle free transactions.
  6. Boarding point change functionality.
  7. IRCTC website’s tickets are now synchronized with app. Now users can view, cancel or file TDR of e-tickets booked through official website and vice-versa.(this change was needed, as existing app shows tickets booked through app only)

    reserved tickets history

    reserved tickets history display in old and updated app. Updated app now shows tickets booked through both website and app.

  8. Users can view the status of e-tickets booked through our authorized Online Travel Agents (OTA).
  9. Users can view and cancel old mobile app tickets also.
  10. The new UI is far-far better than the existing app(old app).

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