Striker Skybar, Gold Course Road, Gurgaon

I visited Striker Skybar on 19/8/18, and it has been by far the best experience that I have ever had at a Blogger’s table.

The experience can be beautifully summarised as: Amazing Venue, Delicious Food, Great Crowd and Fantastic Cocktails.

The Business Head, Harsh, was a man of knowledge. He knew what he was working for and handled the place well.

The PR, Chandini is a sweetheart. She was polite, friendly, fun and involved with the meet, which was really very pleasant.

  • Ambience:

Apart from beautiful interiors, the place is equipped with an outer seating. A classy romantic place for monsoons and especially winters. There are two pool tables, an enclosed smoke room, a setup for live performance, the famous Johnny Walker Statue in front of the main door, huge mirrors on the side walls, a decently designed bar and lounge seating. They have perfectly matched the colours of the walls and decor with the furniture (contrast where needed, matching where desired). The place was neatly cleaned and well organised, which shows the efforts of the management clearly.

  • Food:

We ordered everything on the menu; no exaggeration! From Galouti Lamb Kebabs with Rumali Roti and Malai Chicken Tikka to Chaupati Bhelpuri and whatnot. Every dish was decently presented, the quantity was sufficient for two and had the right blend of spices. Not every item was out of this world, but the Vegetarian Bao, Malai Chicken Tikka, Mutton Tacos and Lamb Kebabs actually were. In the end, we ordered the two desserts that they serve, and was awestruck after having a single bite of the cake. It is to die for!

  • Cocktails:

I tried all the cocktails that they serve, and I feel that the presentation was to the point and some of them were just amazing. The must-haves would be Prom Chiller, Bourbon Freeze and LIIT, and if you just want to click a beautiful picture, then feel free to order Chau Special (good for a picture, not for the taste).

  • Service:

There are no negative comments for the service. It was as it should be. PERFECT!


  • They need to improve the taste of Chau Special and All Nighter
  • Chicken was under-cooked in Chipotle Chicken
  • Crispy Spinach Corn was a little bland
  • Hummus lacked enough olive oil
  • Falafel need to be a little softer than it was
  • Bhelpuri was too sweet than it should be (even for a sweet bhel lover)

However, the entire experience was sooo good that these things didn’t spoil the experience (not even a bit).


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