Life has an uncanny habit of finding perfection in an imperfect world !!!! This holds true for this place called Imperfecto Ruin Pub Noida..

You enter the place and its imperfect surroundings makes it almost perfect. First time I visited this place in the evening , it was all jammed pack(all youngsters , I felt out of place as I just crossed 30) with high pitch music and dancing lights.

It was any other pub with a great ambience.

This time around It was a complete opposite with sunlight making its way through the glass panes around Noon and families having lunch buffets.

The music was still on a high but if you are on the other end where the food is you will engrossed in the smell and the taste. The icing on the cake is you will have it all @500 bucks.

Starters : I will give it a 5/5 – The mushroom kebab steals the show here for me.

Main Course – It had two veg dishes , Dal Makhni and Rice with breads on request.

I will not say a lot of variety at offer but at that price it is very reasonable and pocket friendly for small parties or get togethers.

Sweet Dish – I had Firni and Chocolate cake both of them were almost right taste to the tongue.

Overall a 5 for me , for good food within budget and good ambience.

Sharing picture of the chef with all of you. 😊

P.S – I am not posting any pictures of the food here for a reason and the reason is you have to taste it to believe it.

Photos I have will not do justice to the food or the cost.


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