Soiree – A Nice Evening(in French) !!!

This is latter of the two restaurant’s that R4Review had visited this week. This one is named Soiree meaning Evening in French. Situated on the 2nd floor of Garden Galleria Mall this one is a lounge cum bar with some amazing flavors of cocktail and mock tails.

With a bar in the middle and dimly lit sitting area around it calls for a evening well spent. The sitting furniture was comfortable and easily jelling up with the interiors. Nice work done in that department.

Last but not the least the food had some nice flavors starting from the starters which had :

Maggi Cutlet their signature dish was really delicious and soft in the mouth. This one deserves a 5/5.

Dahi Kebab This one was equally yummy as Maggi Cutlet and had me thinking which one is better. 5/5 for this one as well.

The above two are must try if you been there.

Paneer Tikka Achari It was same as what you will get every where in North of India , nice and soft though with bit of chilly. 3/5.

In Main course the Dal Soiree was tasty and Paneer Lababdar had a bit of flavor from the west. The Old Monk Butter Chicken is a must try for all the chicken rum lovers.

Cocktails :



Mocktails :

Royal Punch


Fruit Punch

All were good but I personally liked screwdriver the most , it’s like drink was opening up all your screws in the brain(pun intended).

In all an evening well spent with family & friends. 4.5 out of 5 for this one.

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