Call It Asian-Gk2

Hello everyone!

Recently we’ve ordered food from this restaurant called Call It Asian.It’s located in GK2 and is famous for its Thai & Chinese cuisines.

We had ordered 3 things from their menu-

  1. Dry Chicken schezwan
  2. Dry Chilly chicken
  3. Pan fried noodles with white garlic sauce and prawns

Chicken Schezwan

The chicken was tinder and juicy.The quantity was good and fulfulling.It was as warm and fresh as it could be.

Dry Chilli Chicken

It was fresh and warm too.The quantity was qood even.Though there was a little lack of tangyness.Other than that it was fine.

Pan fried noodles with white garlic sauce & Prawns

I loved the white garlic sauce.It was made in light spices with whole lot of veggies and prawns.Loved it with the noodles completely.


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