The Chocolate Heaven – A Heaven for Chocolate Lovers…

For we 80’s born kids, Kid’s Camp and Kemp Fort, were the best loved shopping places, for the concept of shopping malls was introduced by them, when Namma Bengaluru was still Bangalore. Though many malls have over grown in the city, Kemp Fort still happens to be our first love. So for me a visit to Kemp Fort is a bliss, and that combined with Chocolate tasting, was sure not to be missed. On the first floor of the mall is The Chololate Heaven. Varied seating, for the casual college goes, or family table, or formal cough, they have it all, with varied wall drops to go with.

Call it the food of the gods, mood food, sinfully good food, passion food or solace food, Chocolate is perhaps the most interesting and popular flavor in the world and The Chocolate Heaven, Choco-heatedly agree to it.
Chocoholics can find something here to match their taste. While, every delicacy on the menu of The Chocolate Heaven is worth a try, but their Pancakes and waffles earn them regulars. Their menu also includes hot
chocolates, Choco shakes, choc-O-tails, sundaes, sweet treats, freak shakes, garlic bread, pizza, pasta,
munch bites, sandwiches and wide range of chocolates and cakes.

Here is what I tried at TCH,

Cheese Fondue

Cheese served with Nachos, French Fries, Garlic Potato Pops, Breads. This combination of crunchy Nachos and Garlic Breads, and juicy French Fries and Potato Pops to go with cheese dip is a delight. The dip comes on flame to keep the cheese molten at the perfect consistency and the warmth towards the bottom, gives a feel of freshness.


Nutella Waffle

Love chocolates, then this can’t be missed. Waffle topped with chocolate syrup and Nutella, chocolate ice cream to go with. Soft, melt in mouth waffle with lots and lots of chocolate, with perfect not so sweet, chocolate ice cream, a perfect sweet toother’s  bliss. To add to their must tries Smoothies and Choco Lava Sundae.

About The Chocolate Heaven

TCH is the brain child of two MBA grads, friends and fellow chocolate lovers – Sunil Patel and Sanjay
Bambhaniya, – who aspire to share their love and passion for chocolate with all chocoholics across
world. V Gireesh Kumar and Prabhakar Rajanna, partners with TCH to make it available for the
chocolate lovers of south India and responsible for its business here since April 2018.

The success of TCH from its first outlet in Mumbai in the year 2011 to 14 outlets all over India
and 1 abroad, is the testimony for the passion of its founders to all things chocolate, astute
business acumen and hunger for excellence. TCH has its presence in major cities of India such as;
Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Varanasi, etc. In Bangalore, they have 3 outlets, located at
Kalyan Nagar, Whitefield, Old Airport Road, and 2 more outlets are expected to open soon. Its
expansion plan includes 50 outlets across India by the year 2020. The exclusivity of TCH has created interest among many entrepreneurs and based on the requests received, they have recently
welcomed the franchise model.



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