Hello Everyone,

Recently we have visited this ice cream joint called stick house loucated in GK1.

Every Ice cream looked soo tempting that we wanted to try all. But we ordered 4 of their items.

  1. Trio Gelato Ice cream
  2. Cheesecake Gelato Ice Cream
  3. Watermelon Kiwi Sorbet Ice cream
  4. Conostick Belgian Chocolate Gelato

Trio Gelato Ice Cream

It was so amazing to have all three cool flavors in one ice cream. Every layer tasted as good as possible. Dipped in dark chocolate and covered with Pistachio made it even more scrumptious. A must try for sure.

Cheesecake Gelato Ice cream

A little salty, a little sweet but a whole of of creamy. Making it justify thr flavour. A dip of milk chocolate with a coat of almonds made it even more drooling.

Watermelon Kiwi Sorbet

The flavours were as raw as they could be,which made it even more delicious. A perfect combination of watermelon and kiwi which will soothe you to bits.

Conostick Belgian Chocolate Gelato

This ice cream totally changed the concept. As the waffle cone was dipped in chocolate and  loaded with Belgian chocolate ice cream. Totally loved it to the core.

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