Moti Mahal delux: the Tandoori Trail

Moti Mahal Deluxe

Moti Mahal Delux


“Dinner is not what you do in the evening before something else. Dinner is the evening.” – Art Buchwald

It is said that as the Japanese live to work, Indians live to eat. After all Indians are known as food-a-holics. The team r4review is no exception. Last weekend, we were invited to dine at “Moti Mahal delux” (Palava City outlet), the innovator of the tandoori trail in India, and we were all set to serve our taste buds with the different kind of delicacies offered by them. The name “Moti Mahal” is meld of the words “moti” and “mahal” which mean a palace made of pearls. And at this fine restaurant, you will definitely feel like being in a palace of tongue-embellishing pearls. Known for its special tandoori menu and taste, it offers to the diners, a mix of lip-smacking taste, royal hospitality and decent ambience.


The Review

The Palava city outlet of “Moti Mahal delux” is located in Xperia Mall, Dombivali East. We were invited there by Mr Sagar to savour the specialities and we cordially accepted his invitation by being there by 8:00 pm on a good happening Saturday evening. The staff welcomed us with a smile and escorted us to our seats. Then they handed over the menu to us and requested to go with the order. Till the time we were having a quick look over the list of servings to offer on the restaurant’s board, the maître d’hôtel complemented our table with onions marinated in vinegar and pickle.


We decided to start the evening with the Tomato Dhaniya Shorba. In a quick time, it was served, fresh and hot, and the serving was quite an enough for two-persons.


Then we set our sight on the USP of the eatery, the Tandoori menu, and ordered Paneer Tikka Shashlik, Veg Haryali Kebab and Chicken kastoori kebab. Being a vegan, I tried the two veg sumptuous dishes and felt the foodgasm just after the first bite.


The reason behind the popularity of the Tandoori servings of the restaurant is not any exaggeration. My friend quoted the same for the Chicken kastoori kebab.


Moving on to the main course, we placed the order for Veg Diwani Handi, Chicken lababdaar and garlic naan in the bread. The food was served without much delay and all the dishes were finger-licking. A good blend of spices in perfect proportion, consistent gravy, aptly cooked vegetables along with eye-catching presentation made the main meal more than just food from money.


Now a days, individuals choose a restaurant not just for good food, but also for prompt and amiable service. And Moti Mahal won the heart in terms of servicing.  The glasses of water were not kept empty for a second. The food was served not only in the first go, but each time when our plates called for it. The table was cleaned after each course in a very sophisticated manner.  The treatment was no less than a royal dinner.



Coming on to the ratings, the team R4review would like to rate the restaurant on the following aspects:-

Food:  4.5/5

Presentation: – 3.5/5

Service: – 5/5

Ambience: – 3.5/5

Cleanliness: – 4.8/5

So, we suggest you to give this fine dining restaurant a definite try if your locus of visit is near-by Palava city or Xperia Mall.


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