Domino’s Everyday Value Offer : Experience

Domino’s never fails to surprise and delight us with its amazing offers.
This time it has got something great to offer to its customers.

Yes, we are talking about the amazing “Everyday Value Offer” which will give customers a reason to cherish the moments of joy and togetherness with their family, friends and colleagues while sharing and enjoying a scrumptious pizza.

Jab Dil Boley, Domino’s!! Thus you can now order Domino’s Pizza anytime you want. You now do not need pizzas only on special occasions rather make your everyday moments special with Domino’s Pizzas.

So as the temperature soars and cricket fever sets on Domino’s Pizza’s ‘Everyday Value Offer’ will give pizza lovers additional reason to enjoy at Rs 199 only.


The R4Review team was invited to experience the “Everyday Value Offer” and we were truly delighted as Domino’s as been always our favourite.


It was a predefined menu which included two medium size pizzas.
The first was Peppy Paneer and the other was Corn.


A veggie delight indeed as me and my roommates made through the last bite of the lip-smacking peppy paneer. Remember that fight for the last bite of pizza, yes exactly happened in our case too. The pizzas were well baked with a crunchy crust & crispy sides. The taste was nothing less than finger licking.


200 bucks for medium size yumminess is totally worth it.
I will definitely suggest everyone try the “Everyday Value Offer” and get any 2 Medium Hand Tossed Pizzas worth Rs295 @ Rs199 each because “Jab Dil Boley, Domino’s!!”

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