Cafe Mojo – Pre Launch Experience

First things first, if you guys are looking for a place where you can find a Bar slash Hookah joint slash an open café slash a separate VIP lounge slash a dance floor (after 12’O clock), this is the place to be. One additional exclusive thing about this place is that, it can make us Indians feel like a minority once the clock hits 12’O clock on Sunday nights as the place turns into one of its Caribbean kind thing (both people and the music). Though personally speaking, it was a bit intimidating for me in the beginning but soon I was gyrating to their awesome dance numbers. It was different. It was fun.

Living up to its name’s reputation Mojo (a magic charm), the comparatively younger management of this place has contemplated to cater to the needs of all the age groups and across various genres.

So let me elucidate my experience of this place and food is my favorite bet to start with. Although I am not a gourmet, still I found most of the dishes to be nothing short of an absolute delight. I whetted my taste buds with Pasta, Pizza, Nachos, Prawns, and Mushrooms with Garlic bread to name a few and everything was delicious.  The service response time lagged a bit but that can be attributed to the heavy down pour of crowd in the pre-launch event. I hope it will be quicker on the regular evenings. So you can safely head to this place if your idea of a prefect evening is sumptuous food even minus the drinks, music and hookah.

After getting high on the delicacies it was time to get real buzz so I headed towards the Bar. The ambiance of the Bar looks plush and here I didn’t find the previous problem of slow service. The Bartenders here were always at customers’ disposal and you won’t find the need to double ask for your order. The drinks were as usual as you’ll find at any other significant bar in Mumbai. Nothing stood out and nothing lacked either. I didn’t have any firsthand experience of the mock tails but they looked mouthwatering. All in all, I had a good revelry here and in the meantime the Bar lounge turned into a dance floor with people frolicking along their tables.

After summing up the two (food and drinks) out of the three most important aspects to look out in a hangout place, let me take you to a round of the ambiance of this voodoo place. As I mentioned earlier this place is an amalgam of a Bar, a VIP lounge, an open café sort of thing and a hookah, so basically there won’t be anything you’ll miss after being here. The Bar and the VIP lounge forms part of the indoor A.C. thing with projectors in place so you guys can also hop in to this place for IPL kind of stuff. The Café is an open one on the same floor adjoining the Bar. It’s a smoke friendly zone. The best part about this place is the Hookah parlor which is on the top floor and unlike many other hookah joints in Mumbai it is quite spacious and suffocation free. It has its own projector so that you can relax, smoke and enjoy your favorite match.

Being in the Goldfinch hotel building there is no parking issue which is one thing we can’t ignore in ever imploding Mumbai.

So lastly I will conclude my review with the pros and cons of this place

1.  Perfect ambiance for a hangout
2.  Quite Spacious
3.  Awesome Hookah Joint
4.  Lip smacking food with lot of variety for both veg and non-veg
5.  Good quality booze
6.  DJ plays some great music which provokes you to show your moves.

1. Lag in service
2. Lack of signs, boards and directions making it difficult to locate the place

So according to me it’s a must try out place for anyone who loves nightlife.
Rating – 4 stars



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