Joos Food Review – Keto food tasting session

In this world full of unhealthy food , the biggest challenge we all face is to keep our body healthy. Oily , junk and sweet food though look tempting , but ultimately ruin our body. We do tend to follow lots of diets to keep a check on our body weight and specifically our body fat percentage. One of the diets that has gathered everyone’s trust and attention is KETO diet . Keto , a low carb and high protein diet , that makes you to maintain your weight balance by keeping a strong threshold on the calories intake per day.

But , when you start thinking of such strict diets , the first thing that comes to mind is boring salads and dishes which can never be termed as ” Tempting”.

R4review team walked-in with a similar mindset to JOOS food tasting session , where the Joos food team had all the Keto special food items prepared.

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session

We started having a look and having a taste of all the amazing dishes one by one.

Reviewer being a vegetarian (Hard luck for the Non- veg readers ) was served all the Veggie dishes . Here are some of them :

Keto Thepla :

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session

Yes , you heard it right ! The dish that runs in the DNA of every Gujarati ..Thepla !

Yes , that is also transformed into a Keto dish by using the ingredients in such proportion that it retains its magic over your taste buds and at the same time its healthy too . What more you want in life then 🙂

R4review rating : 3.5/5 🙂

Brocolli Tikki  :

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session

Broccoli and Tikki , seems to be food from completely different world. Broccoli , being a favorite of people who follow healthy life style , on the other hand , Tikki usually derives its identity of being a Oily food that lures food lovers. We were amazed to see an amazing mix of both of them in the form of Broccoli Tikki.It had very less of oil used and thus had a very low caloric count but still tasty enough to give you the pleasure of Tikki.

R4review rating : 3.5/5

Curry Paneer :

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session

Bid a good-bye to those high caloric cheese balls that always boosted your calories intake and make way for Curry paneer , a unique dish prepared with Paneer and Curry Masala. Looks like a tempting dish and indeed it is tempting and full of delight.

R4review rating : 4/5

Tofu Tawa Masala :

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session

Bored of all the dishes you have eaten till date? Want to try something thats interesting, tasty yet healthy?

Well , the answers to all such questions is right here my dear friend .. “Tofu Tawa Masala”

A dish that is easy to prepare and follows Keto , so if you are one of those health conscious individual who are looking for healthy food alternatives for your dinner, well your search may end here!

R4review rating : 4/5

Paneer Fingers :

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session

Of all the dishes in the food tasting session, the dish that caught our attention was this “Paneer fingers ”

Paneer topped with a crisp coating of Flake seed powder , is way more delicious then the picture could convey.Easy to prepare and healthy to eat , well life looks sorted then , isnt it?

R4review rating : 5/5

Avocado Chocolate Pudding :

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session

Before attending this Keto tasting session, I never thought that Avocado can be an ingredient in dishes like Pudding , but the Joos team proved us wrong yet again.

Avocado chocolate pudding is yet another interesting dish brainstormed and prepared by the JOOS team , having chocolate blend with the goodness of Avocado , and wait !! you think , it is sugary ? No my friend , go ahead and try it out.

R4review rating : 4.5/5


Though we didnt taste the Non-veg Kitto dishes , but here are some of the snaps for all of you , as they say , picture is worth a thousand words.

Prawn Chilli :

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session


Saag Gosh :

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session


About Joos :

JOOS , a team headed by Janvi , a graduate in food technology and passionate food lover who wants to transform food dishes into a healthy yet tasty version.

Joos Food Review - Keto food tasting session

She along with a team of nutronists and food startergist , are on the journey to make food world, a happy world .

They are known across all the Social media platforms with their handle: @joosfood

You can also find the recipes on their food channel on Youtube , where you can find all the above dishes and many more interesting dishes.

So , dont compromise while you are on diet , JOOS is here for you now !! 🙂

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