Amazing italian delight at Gusto Pizzeria!

The 12'' Three Cheese Pizza at Gusto Pizzeria

A great restaurant doesn’t distinguish itself by how few mistakes it makes but by how well they handle those mistakes- Danny Meyer

It was a perfect day. Bright sunny weather, long weekend after Mahashivratri so it was the perfect occasion to have some great food. And what better idea of food than an Italian restaurant serving some great pizza. Or in other words, “Gusto Pizzeria”

“Gusto” is an Italian word which means “hearty or keen enjoyment, as in eating or drinking, or in action or speech in general”

There couldn’t have a better name for the restaurant as it was sheer enjoyment and delight coupled with foodgasms all throughout our stay at the restaurant.

We went there on a Saturday afternoon. Gusto Pizzeria is a startup Italian food restaurant that Serves Pizzas, Pastas and  5 minutes away from Dombivli (East) station, which makes it quite accessible for people travelling to Dombivli to sneak into the restaurant for a quick bite. The restaurant is in Archais building and has a college nearby. Since we were travelling for the first time to Dombivli, the restaurant owner, Mr. Prasad Navghare was kind enough to guide us the way to the restaurant.

Entering into Gusto Pizzeria

                                 Entering into Gusto Pizzeria

As soon as we entered the restaurant, we were greeted with a warm smile by a young lady who introduced herself as Aishwarya. She asked us if our journey to the restaurant was comfortable and asked us what would we like to order.

We had a look at the menu and was instantly impressed by their variety of cuisines on their menu. It ranged from 12 different varieties of Vegetarian Pizzas in 3 different sizes, to lip- smacking Pastas and Garlic breads, Alfredos, Macaroni, French Fries, Bruschetta, Nachos as well as Refreshers and Shakers like Oreo Shake, Lemon ice tea and Cold coffee and other beverages.

Wide variety of options available in the Gusto Pizzeria Menu

Wide variety of options available in the Gusto Pizzeria Menu


We ordered Oreo Shake as well as Cold Coffee which she took with a smile. Within less than 5 minutes, both the yummy- looking drinks were placed on our table which made us fill with delight. No wonder, we savored both the drinks taking our sweet time, enjoying each delightful sip one at a time.


As soon as we were having our Shakes, Aishwarya came to our table once again, this time with an even more beautiful smile and asked us for our next order. Needless to say, we ordered our next order: Cheese Garlic bread. The Garlic bread came to us smokingly hot, with mouth- watering toppings making it a delicious snack.


The Cheese Garlic Bread at Gusto Pizzeria

                     The Cheese Garlic Bread at Gusto Pizzeria

Having already starting to get foodgasms, we were asked for our next order. Which we did as a 12- inch Three cheese pizza, which they prepared in their famous “Huge Oven”, which can bake 8 14 inch pizzas at the same time. The pizza was nothing short of a delight for the soul, with its yummy crispy crust melting in our mouth. That was the time we realized that we could not have opted for a better restaurant for spending our Saturday afternoon, with each subsequent cuisine satisfying our taste buds better than the earlier one.


The 12'' Three Cheese Pizza at Gusto Pizzeria

                                              The 12” Three Cheese Pizza at Gusto Pizzeria

Even though our stomach was completely satiated till the Pizza, our soul was craving for more at this amazing food juggernaut. There came Aishwarya, gracefully smiling and asked us if we would like to try their pastas. And we couldn’t say no! However, we requested her to only make a small serving of the pasta. And needless to say, it enhanced our experienced even further.


            Ala Vodka Pasta- A combination of white and red sauce

We were quite sweetly surprised by the amazing food at Gusto Pizzeria, and wanted to know more about it. As it turned out, Mr. Prasad himself gave us a brief insight about how they started the restaurant the same month, and that they were planning to expand it to more outlets across the city in the coming months.

Gusto Pizzeria serves a wide range of cheese like Cheddar, Bocconcini, U.K. yellow cheddar, Goat Cheese, Parmesan block, Pecorino, Gouda, Mozzarella, Smoked cheddar, Authentic brickoven pizzas with perfect toppings with freshly rolled bases and crunchy crusts.

Wide Variety of Cheese at Gusto Pizzeria

                                                      Wide Variety of Cheese at Gusto Pizzeria

In the end, we left the restaurant with smiles on our faces, and satisfaction in our hearts!!

You can check more about Gusto Pizzeria by going on the following link

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