Cambridge N99 Mask


The Indian metropolitans along with rest of the world are facing a serious problem of air pollution. The link
shows the AQI across various parts of the world. Delhi toping the chart though and that is what is making companies to pitch in with a solution.
I still remember the day I went outside my house and was unable to breathe and had irritation in my eyes and any solution which could help me was welcomed.

One such solution that I came across during a blogger meet at Connaught place was “Cambridge N99 Mask”.
The first question that popped up during the discussion was how is it better than the rest of the masks that we have currently in the market and are cheap as well. We always look for a ROI in India even if it involves our health as well.

The answer that caught my attention is the way the mask was manufactured , Each thread has been carbon plated which is used to create a mask which
is then treated with silver to provide 99% protection from PM10,PM2.5 and even PM0.3 size pollution particles(
). This also prevents building of Germs after prolonged usage.

The mask also available in various color and sizes attracted my attention as Atlanta Healthcare has taken a serious problem and tried to design something that is useful to everyone and look cool as well. The customized option with valves added on the mask make it worth wearing. You would however need to wear this to believe it , So did I for a week and after uncomfortable first two days I was able to make it part of my wardrobe. Here are few pro and cons for your convenience :

Pros :

1. Prevents you from minute particles and lousy smell as well.
2. Very handy compared to other Masks available.
3. Easy to breathe through the mask with added valves.
4. Less irritation and sweat compared to other products.
5. Multi-level protection i.e. 3 levels of coverage on the mask.
6. The Military grade carbon layer.
7. Each Mask can be used for 340 Hrs. before needed to be replaced depending upon the quality of air in your area.
8. Mask is washable and reusable.

Cons :

1. It is tough to make it part of our lifestyle.
2. The approach to a problem statement in hand.

I will rate the overall product 3.5/5 not because I didn’t like the product but because the way we approached the problem statement. I would like companies to invest more on cleaning the air that we breath because I don’t think everyone will be able to wear a mask day in day out like me. I appreciate Atlanta Healthcare making Efforts in that sense as well like their product an Air Purifier and also education children in schools around Delhi how to prevent air pollution but can’t we do something like China where smog in the air is converted to metal/gas which is reusable.

The point I was trying to make above will lose its charm though as we have Trees doing this for ages and I am the one destroying it. Till time we have a better alternate, You can order Mask online at the link mentioned below :

Also you can read all about the mask and technology used at below link :

Sharing the pics from the meet and of the product as well :






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