Snack Adda – Your quick take away Destination !!!

It’s night of 11th Feb 2018 when my wife and I were not interested to cook at home so a take way outlet was now on cards. We chose Snack Adda @ Sector 44 Noida and called them up, not only the food was delivered in time it was as good as it seems in the below pictures :

Veg Spring Roll – It was very crispy and taste better with the red sauce that they provided with it.                                   A thumbs up for this one !!! – 4/5

Panner Haryali Tikka – Being a vegetarian myself the only good option you have a panner dish , this one didn’t disappoint me either.  A bit spicy for a start but that is how i liked it once i was done. 4/5 for this one as well.

The main course had my all time favorite dal makhni not taste like the one my mother would cook but it had decent flavors of  all the dal’s mixed properly and a bit of butter on the top. 3.5/5 for this as well.

Overall a great bet in case you need to order from outside at good rates and proper quantity for 2-4 people.

All in all 4/5 to Snack Adda for the food and the presentation/packed hot food.

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