Iamwaffle, Bani Square, Sector 50, Gurgaon

The visit to Iamwaffle was quite simple and sweet. The employees are very friendly and considerate. I have a sweet tooth and it was a good decision to visit it on a cheat day.

The first thing that turned my eyes was there Signature Waffle, which was the first thing that I ordered. While that was being prepared, I also ordered a Snickers shake, by the name- In The End.

There concept to order a waffle is quite innovative. It is a choose-your-waffle concept where you first choose a base, then fruit toppings, then candy & chocolate toppings and in the end, add-on toppings (extra charge). I am a chocolate lover so I ordered a Nutella-base waffle with banana, as my fruit topping. In candy and chocolate toppings, I ordered a mix-it-all, and for add-ons, I ordered Oreo biscuits. There is no doubt of it being and looking, extremely tempting and delicious.




The waffle tasted better than it looked, which was surprising (positive). It is an extremely heavy waffle, so my suggestion would be to order 1 waffle for 2-3 people.

The Shake was good too, but it lacked the major after-taste of peanut butter, which is an expected one, for those who love Snickers chocolate. I was too full to complete the whole waffle after finishing the shake, so I got half of it packed, and also ordered a cold coffee to-go. The Shake was quite heavy as well because of the many scoops of ice cream, I guess. It was at the right temperature, as per the hot weather nowadays. It looked like a monster-shake, but lacked the taste for it.

I tasted the coffee after a few hours, and it was perfect. It was not a cold coffee that I was expecting (a whipped cream-full), but instead a Desi one. But all-in-all it tasted good.

The ambience can do a lot more because right now, the ground floor of the place is decently decorated, while the first floor looks like its under construction, even when its not.

They have books for bibliophiles.


I won’t suggest a takeaway for this place. Sit, eat and enjoy your waffle before you leave.


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