Jaggery Chai @ Chai Point- A Healthy Alternative

Last Friday r4review got an invite from Chai Point, Kormangala, Bangalore for tasting their new product ‘The Jaggery Chai’.


The tea lover in me couldn’t stop me from accepting this invite and there I was in the evening to have a really nice and fresh experience over a cup of tea.

Chai Point is India’s largest organised Chai retailer, with over 100 service hubs. They bring a perfectly brewed cup of Chai made with fresh, natural ingredients to offices and working professionals around the country. It was launched in 2010 with its very first store in Bangalore and now it boasts of selling over 300000 cups every day. With its presence almost in every metropolitan city in India they fully justify their Tagline- India runs on Chai. Chai-on-Call and boxC.in are designed exclusively for corporate.

As they keep on adding new flavors to their kitty this time on the occasion     of World Health Day they introduced ‘Jaggery Tea‘. This was a pilot launch for just a week in selected stores and based on the response received they will launch it in all stores across India.

As soP_20170414_175245on as we walked inside Mr. Nikhil the Regional Marketing Manager of the store took really good care of us. He offered us a very refreshing unique Ice Tea as welcome drink- The Peach Ice Tea and the Imli Jaljeera Ice tea. I was super excited for the unique combination Imli, Jaljeera with Tea. But trust me it was so tasty that all my tiredness went off in seconds and my taste buds were longing for more of it. I still cannot forget the taste of Imli-Jaljeera with the tinge of tea. With that we were also introduced with the other two driP_20170414_180035nks- The Chilli Guava Shake and the Berry Blast Shake.

While talking with him, I was looking around the café-come-shop and was overwhelmed to see the response. So many people walking in, some tired after office and some just to enjoy cup of tea with friends and family. I was happy to see India really running on chai, more so that after so many coffee shops opening finally a change is being seen with this kind of tea outlets.

Talking about theiP_20170414_181601r new product Pilot Launch- The Jaggery Tea.

I am not so fond of Jaggery but when the hot cup of tea came in front of me- The smell itself was sufficient to force me to have a sip. It was made so tastefully that Jaggery flavor was not dominating the flavors and masala of tea. It was subtle and just sufficient for the people who want a strong cup of tea with moderate sugar. I would definitely recommend a Jaggery Tea now rather than a normal sugar tea given the health benefits and the taste as well.

To give a brief on the health benefits of Jaggery-

  1. It helps increase immunity.
  2. Since it is not immediately dissolved in blood it is recommended more than sugar.
  3. The presence of iron helps in solving anaemia problems.
  4. It also cleanses various internal organs like kidneys,liver etc.
  5. It prevents asthma, cough, cold etc.

So this Jaggery tea is a must have with a bits of snacks like Aloo herb Turnover- a aloo patty croissant or masala mutter Danish (puff filled with spiced peas filling) or for a double dose of tea try the Jaggery tea with the very tasty masala chai cake. There are many other options available in the store but I really liked these three.

Also, now just don’t wait to get to the stores.You can order your favourite cup online and enjoy the flavors of chai point at home or at work.

Last but no least thanks for the amazing hospitality Mr. Nikhil and everyone at chai point. I am definitely looking for the Jaggery Tea to hit the stores soon.

Till then India keep running on Chai!!

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