Gola Sizzlers, Gurugram

The experience at Gola Sizzlers, Ambience Mall, Gurugram was a quite decent one.

I went there to experience the different types of Sizzlers offered by the restaurant and trust me, it was mouth-watering.

Veg. Seekh Kebab


Ice Cream Sizzler

Fruit Beer

Speciality Beverage

Chilly Paneer Sizzler

Thai Chicken Sizzler

Oreo Shake

Gola Sizzler


The highlight of the whole experience was the Fruit Beer, which is their speciality. It did give me an amazing refreshing feeling.

I started with eating Chicken Platter and Veg. Seekh Kebab Platter. They served it with green chutney and vinegar onions. The chutney lacked the right amount of flavouring (salt). The non-vegetarian platter was good but the vegetarian kebabs won the battle, no doubt.

Then I ordered Chilly Paneer Sizzler and a Thai Chicken Sizzler and an Oreo shake. The shake was very bad because it was extremely dilute and the flavouring was not up to the mark. Paneer chilly sizzler was served with noodles and it was just amazing. It looked mouth-watering and it did play by the same rules. As good as it looked, it tasted even better. The paneer was very soft and had the perfect blend of spices. Chicken breast sizzler looked quite simple but it is by far one of the softest chicken breast that I have ever tasted. ‘When I tried to cut it with the knife, it was like cutting through a liquid’ and it tasted beautifully too. Both the dishes just refreshed my palate and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Then I ordered an Ice Cream Sizzler. Yes! You heard it right. A burning-hot ice cream sizzler! It looked damn yum. It was served with brownie crumbs which just escalated the taste to new heights. It was beautiful and extremely tasty.

The experience with the service was not what I hoped for because the service was extremely slow. The waiters were forgetful and lazy (you can say).


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