Global Biryani Darbaar – The new food destination

Biryani !

Sometimes you can summarize happiness in just one word . Its hard to find a foodie who is not a biryani lover.

And what if I tell you there is a place that serves 51 types of Biryani !! Yes you read that right , 51 types of Biryani at a single food destination.

The most obvious question is , where is this amazing place ?

So , yes this place is in the heart of the city in Vile Parle , walking distance from the railway station.

R4review got an invite to taste and review this newly launched food destination.

We started off with a GKB special soup that wasn’t up to the mark in taste but was still good enough to try.

We then moved onto some mouth watering starters : Stuffed Paneer Tikka and Platter of baby corn,potato and mushroom finely marinated and fried.

This made a proper start for us to then treat our taste bud onto their main offering …BIRYAAANIII !!

We were served two amazing varients out of the 51 varities : Veg Biryani and Paneer Tikka Biryani.

While veg biryani  was rich in taste , Paneer tikka biryani was rich in spices and left an yummm taste on the taste buds. The quality of rice , the preparation and the overall feel of Biryani was just perfect to make any food love go Woww !

Overall review rating from R4Review : 3.5/5

Did I tell you , they are soon starting “BEER WITH BIRYANI !” , yes , thank me later !

Do see these clicks and you will get to know why this place should be the next destination for all the Mumbai food lovers :

Global Biryani Darbaar - The new food destination

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