Mcaffeine India’s First Caffeine Infused Personal Care Brand

For all those coffee lovers here is the good news, Mcaffiene brings caffeine into personal care range. Caffeine helps in toning your skin, reducing inflammation and delays ageing process, so next time when you have having coffee, don’t hesitate, just indulge on. The best thing about these products are, they are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. We were sent 2 of their products, Choco caffeine glow face pack with Argan oil and Vitamin E specially for Oily and Normal skin, and Neem Caffeine glow gel with Aloevera. Here is what we feel about both.

Choco Caffeine Glow Face Pack with Argon Oil and Vitamin E:

As soon as I opened the Amazon pack, I could smell the sweet chocolatey fragrance, which I couldn’t resist to try on. I had ordered Caffeine Glow pack for Oily to Normal Skin. This comes in clay base with rich premium real cocoa, Argan oil and Vitamin E. As you apply on your skin, the chocolatey fragrance turns more into a therapeutic coffee fragrance to relax you. Apply on your skin, let it dry for 15-20 mins and wash with water. It doesn’t dry completely like other clay packs. While the clay removes excess oil, cocoa exfoliates the skin, repairs and rejuvenates the cells, Argan oil and Vitamin E provides nourishment and hydration to retain the moisture in the skin, without drying it completely. They have their, other variant for Dry skin which comes with the goodness of cocoa, Aleovera and sea weed extract in gel base.

Price: 50ml pack is priced at Rs.599/-

Neem Caffeine Glow Gel with Aloevera:

Suitable for all skin types Neem Caffeine Glow Gel can be used as part of your everyday makeup routine. Unlike regular Aloevera gels this doesn’t turn sticky, and gets absorbed in minutes, turning your skin soft and supple. You can follow the gel with your makeup or just enjoy the cool smoothing effect. Aloevera gently hydrates the skin to restore the water balance without making it too oily. Vitamin C & E moisturise and nourish your skin and neem forms a protective layer on the skin and fights the toxins that cause acne.

Price: 50ml pack is priced at Rs.449/-

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