Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets book: Discovering Secrets to Grow traffic on the blog

Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets book

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I’m excited to collaborate with Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers by Russell Brunson with this sponsored post and you can see my 30 days journey on twitter.

Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% mine. I am not recommending something that I don’t believe in.

Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets book

Once I read somewhere,

“There is no secret to success. It is the result of the preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

~ by Collin Powell

That was the time when I was about start my blog. I knew I have to work a lot to make it a success. But even after delivering good content, I was not able to see the traffic inflow that I expected. I was confused and disappointed. But I continued to work for my goals.

What made me curious and confused is how I can reach more people and get them to read my blog. I was creating good content, but clearly that was not enough. What is the secret then?

Its is all these thoughts that were continuously hopping in and out of my mind, when I decided to grab the opportunity to take on #30daystrafficsecretchallenge as soon as I got it.

Before I made my mind toggle this try, I wanted to know who Mr. Russell Brunson is and how he can make me achieve my target traffic flow. So I read about him a lot and here’s what I found.

A little about Russell Brunson:

Russell Brunson, born on Mar8 1980, is an American entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, philanthropist and sales funnel king. We know him better as co-founder of Clickfunnels.

He was always a curious mind about marketing (from an early age of 12) and this curiosity made him create and implement different marketing ideas in the world of internet. He was a tinker. Always trying to figure things out.

Together with his partner Todd Dickerson, Russell launched their sales funnel software, Clickfunnels, in October 2014, and the company has grown to $100,000,000 and 55,000 customers in the first three years.

Russell Brunson is also an author with a following of over a million entrepreneurs and has sold thousands of copies of his books.

Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets book

About TrafficSecrets Book:

For any entrepreneur or blogger, the biggest hardship is not the content or product, but its the visibility of their content. We cannot assume that, since we have created a great piece of content, viewers are gonna jump to it by themselves. May be some of them would, but to keep more and more people come into our funnel, we need to put a lot of effort to build that customer/viewer base. Russell has managed to help us understand these puzzling question invert simple and step-by-method method.

Some of the the secrets I managed to learn a little includes:

1.) How to figure out who your dream customers/readers are and how to know what they want the most?

2.) How to create your Dream100 customer list?

3.) The importance of Hook, Story and Offer

The most remarkable thing about this book is that it’s not specific to any business or just business. It works for any blogger or any business!! It’s for anyone who want to reach people online.

Right now, I am in the middle of this 30 day challenge and I am learning and loving it. You can follow my TrafficSecrets journey on twitter. I have not completed yet but the one thing I have understood so far is that this is a book for everyone, its easy to understand and follow if you really want to and may be someday, you can see yourself where Mr Brunson is now.

Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets book

How to get Traffic Secrets book

You can order your copy FREE (shipping excluded) here. It comes with the 30 day challenge that I am doing now. Grab your copy if you want to learn some complicated secrets in simple language and sense.

If you want more details about the book, click over and check out the details (about 20 secrets as well). I would love to know what you think about the book in the comment section.

Disclamer: I’m excited to collaborate with Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers with this sponsored post and you can see my 30 days journey on twitter.

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