Sigree Global Grill – Review

Sigree Global Grill is one of the best options to try when you have a Team Lunch or Dinner on mind.
It is situated right at the heart of Hiranandani and can be easily located.
The concept is similar to Barbeque Nation restaurant where you will have barbeque grill right on your table.

We had a team party on Monday noon and a consensus for Sigree was reached.

The place has a lively atmosphere and is normally crowded.
Music is pleasurable to ears. Sitting arrangement is comfortable.
But you won’t really care about the ambience when food steals the show.

This is the main attraction of any Barbeque Grill restaurant and Sigree meets the expectations.
There are variety of options in both veg and non veg.
We loved Chicken, Fish and Prawns starters, they tasted super.
In veg starters grilled paneer and potatoes and pineapple-babycorn were delicious and crunchy.

Cheese pizza was ok. The appetizer was palatable, I took it thrice and requested for more but then one of the staff person approached me to inform that the starter drink is only served once and I already had it 3 times, so they won’t be able to serve it again..:P

Normally I prefer starters over main course and to my delight they were really mouth watering.

Main Course
Salad was OK, there were not many options here.
Mutton Biryani, Chicken Tikka and fish curry, I don’t remember the name, were tempting.
In veg Dal Makhani and Paneer curry was good.

If you are a pasta lover, you can try that too.

Starters and Deserts mainly make or break your mood to visit the place again and Sigree very well understand those sentiments.
There is a wide range of varieties in desert – cakes, pastries, mousses, tarts, Angori Gulab Jamun, Kheer and 4 flavors of ice creams.

The taste was awesome.

We didn’t order any drinks but the bar appeared to have all the options.

Staff was polite and amiable. The service was satisfactory.

Overall Satisfaction level -:

Food –                     starstarstarstar(4/5)
Ambiance –            starstarstarstar(4/5)
Staff –                      starstarstarstar(4/5)
Value for money – starstarstarstar   (3.5/5)

Would recommend a foodie to visit it once..!!










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