Dimsum & Co., Sector 50, Gurugram

I ordered the food from Dimsum & Co. on 28/9/18 and the experience was simply fantastic.

My Order- Schezwan Fried Rice, Crispy Chilly Chicken, Non-Veg Assorted Dimsums Box and Bok Choy Dumpling.

The Schezwan Fried Rice and Non-Veg Assorted Dimsums Box and Bok Choy Dumpling top the list because not only were they cooked perfectly but the flavor was lip-smacking too. They both were extremely filling, so I had to finish the dinner in three attempts. Yeah! Not many people are that dedicated; however, I love to binge eat when the food is spicy, crispy and topped with excellent flavours.

The Crispy Chilly Chicken was coated perfectly with the batter and were hot enough for me to not use the dips with it. Like, I don’t generally notice the marination that closely; but this place blew my mind off with its experience and cooking methods.

Packaging and delivery was high-quality and right on time respectively; not even a minute late. The quality of the materials (containers) used are so great that they can be reused at home for other uses.

One suggestion would be- Don’t order as much as I did if you are planning t eat alone. Their quantity is excellent, so keep this in mind before you place an order.

Had an amazing experience and will surely order again soon; hopefully hog the same quantity!

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