Kebabi, MG Road, Gurugram

The delivery from Kebabi was cherished by my friends and I. The order consisted of everything vegetarian, i.e.  Paneer Tikka Roll, Paneer Tikka Plate and Blue Tokai Cold Coffee. All of us loved hogging on the food items because the flavors were simply mind-blowing.

About the Delivery:

The food was delivered sooner than the expected time and it was packed in good quality boxes. Just loved the way they did branding of their outlet on their packaging.

About the Food and Beverages:

I did not expect the coffee to be as chilled as it was because of obvious reasons; however, the outlet surprised me by serving the Blue Tokai Cold Coffee adequately cold. The flavours were good, although they can enhance the experience of their customers by adding more vegetarian options because no non-vegetarian minds consuming vegetarian dishes.

About the experience:

The entire experience was fantastic. My friends loved that I treated them with such delicious food and that too vegetarian food (most of them are vegetarians and are always complaining that I don’t order enough vegetarian dishes).

Hope you also enjoy the lip-smacking flavours of this place soon.


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