Lord Of The Drinks – Worth A Barrel !!!

It was one of those Gurgaon(Now Gurugram) sunday evening where the traffic was slow and heat was subdued after a bit of drizzle , Also It was a day when i found no one to accompany me to a Barrel House right across Leisure Valley road sector 29. This is when my cousin sister who is a foodie by nature and wanted to explore something new accompanied along.

After a bit of search we finally reached our destination and were greeted by smartly dressed waiters. This will be your first impression of the place and a good one. The interiors will not disappoint you a bit as well. Done by BentChair , the interiors add to the theme of a barrel house which has huge beer barrel’s setup right behind the bar.

The basement is where we sat down and found the ambiance very soothing and the extensive wood work adding to the beauty of the place. Finally, we got down to drink and eat.




This is our(me and my foodie cousin) review of the drinks and food :

Food and Interior Photography

Food and Interior Photography




Great :

  1. The butter beer in the container shaped and colored like a gas cylinder.
  2. LORD of the veggies and the crispy crunchy mushrooms.
  3. Amazing Dim Sums for everyone.
  4. The presentation of the food was too good and added to taste.

Good :

  1. The LOTD barrel house signature mocktail.
  2. The roasted vegetable Pizza.

Needs Improvement :

  1. Just one thing that was out of place is the platting of the sweet dish.

We will give it a 4/5 , just for the awesome theme and the delicious food.

P.S – If it is one of those days you want to sit back and have a cylinder of beer with a friend this is a place to be.

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