Chaayos, Central Plaza Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurugram

The visit to Chaayos was a little less perfect than last time; however, it was still amazing.

The place never seizes to amaze me with their authentic home-like food flavors, and even this time, it was finger-lickin’ good.

I went there with a friend of mine (her first visit), and she was left speechless when she tried the food and the beverages.

We ordered- Cake Shake, Chocolate Shake, Kulhad Chai, Kulhad Pav Bhaji, Samosa Matar Chaat, Baarish Wale Pakore, 2 Minutes Sandwich, Kadhai Chicken Sandwich and Kulhad Wali Jalebi.

My friend was literally licking her fingers because she could not have enough of the pav bhaji. It may seem a little over-priced to some, but the quality, flavours and quantity of the food & beverages justifies ’em all.

One tip for all- Always eat cold chopped onions with pav bhaji to enhance the flavors.

Baarish Wale Pakore weren’t as good as everything else, still the entire experience was simply fantastic.

Must-haves- Kadhai Chicken Sandwich, Kulhad Wali Jalebi, Kulhad Pav Bhaji, Cake Shake, Kulhad Chai and Samosa Matar Chaat.



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