TBC – The Boat Club, Dahisar East, Mumbai.


“Eat, drink and sail” is precisely an apt description of this place which is situated on the second floor of Thakur Mall in Dahisar East. Their elaborate menu consists of some scrumptious Continental, North Indian, and Chinese dishes. Zomato Gold Members can also avail 1+1 on the food menu here. TBC also has a lounge which is right next to the restaurant and they also have partnered with Zomato where Gold members can avail 2+2 on drinks. Both the places are sure to make your lunch/dining experience worthwhile with their delicious food, impeccable service, and splendid ambiance.


As the name suggests, this casual dining place has its interiors designed keeping the theme of voyage, sailing, and boat in mind, while keeping the essence of a family restaurant. The seating here is comfortable having both sofas with cushions and chairs. The area of the restaurant is spacious consisting of enough tables to fit in a huge crowd. Each section of the restaurant is also well lit especially the bar. The highlight of the ambience is the Karaoke which happens every Monday where Mr. Fernandes entertains the patrons with his mellifluous voice, singing evergreen songs of old hindi films. The patrons here can also enjoy live Bollywood music night every Wednesday & Friday which will definitely take care of your weekday blues. If that wasn’t enough then there was an inhouse magician/ illusionist Mr. Sahil Malik who enthralled the patrons with his stupendous display of tricks. Overall, the ambience is excellent.

Rating: 5/5



Mr. Joaquim, who is the manager of the restaurant, was courteous and cheerful in his approach. He made sure that us along with other patrons are comfortable and took keen interest in their feedbacks. Ms. Ekta and Mr. Manjarul took special care of the table and were swift in their service. They recommended various dishes according to our tastes and both of them were thorough with the menu. Overall, the service was prompt where we didn’t have to wait much.

Rating: 5/5


Virgin Pina Colada: You can never go wrong with the classic Virgin Pina Colada. The blend of coconut cream, vanilla ice cream, and pineapple juice was luscious and delicious in taste. The sweetness was well maintained and the shake was thick. I’d highly recommend it.

Coffee Blast: The beverage consisting of coffee, chocolate sauce, vanilla and scrapped chocolate was rich and flavorsome. Must try!


Kung Pao Paneer: The panner was soft and easy on the bite. It was well marinated in dried chili sauce and the Sichuan Pepper gave it a unique aroma and flavour. If panner is your go-to appetizer then you’d love this dish.

Sambal Honey Potatoes: The seasoning of herbs gave this dish a distinct flavour; the baby potatoes were well cooked and light on the bite. This Indonesian styled dish was pretty good!

Cheeseee Broccoli: The flowerets of Broccoli were well marinated with Kasundi Mustard sauce which is widely used in Bengali cuisines and has a strong and distinct flavour. It usually brings tartness to the dish but the use of hung curd & spices along with the covering of shredded cheese made it extremely toothsome. Being a broccoli lover, this is one of the best dishes the restaurant has to offer. Definitely try it. Also, props to the chefs for the wonderful presentation.

Main Course:-

Veg lasagne: The dish is part of the chef’s special menu and it was delectable. The veggies, mozzarella cheese and the sauces between the stacked layers of pasta really bought out the flavor of the dish. The quantity is adequate for two people and it’s a must-try.

Spicy House Special Thin Crust Pizza: The crust had a nice bit of crunch to it and is topped with onion, capsicum, mushroom, American corn, jalapeno, and chili. The pizza was well presented and it was appetizing and savory in all aspects.

Dal Khichdi: The khichdi has an after taste of turmeric and is cooked along with Toor & Moong Dal. It was cooked to perfection and is topped with desi ghee.


TBC’s special Pan Ice cream:  The ice cream is served in a shot glass and the scoop literally melts in your mouth. The rich and luscious pan ice cream is a perfect way to end the dining experience. Must try!

Overall, the dining experience at TBC was splendid with great service, scrumptious food, and a magnificent ambience. It’s definitely value for your money.

Overall rating: 5/5

Smakelijk eten!

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