Noida Bar Exchange – What not to do in a bar exchange !!!

It’s just a matter of time that your eyes will get accustomed to the dark insides of Smaash @ Noida in DLF Mall of India,As soon as your eyes are back to normal you would see multiple screens all around you from bowling alley to the cricket pitch. Those screens will not be for the score board either for bowling or for cricket but they are the rates for the drinks at Noida Bar Exchange , an innovative idea to keep an eye on your favorite drink and order as soon as the rates go down.

Noida Bar Exchange Noida Bar Exchange


I really liked the concept of a market crash where rates for most of the drinks goes down and you would have 7 minutes to choose from , it is like looking at your own stocks going down and then back up just that you would love it when the rates goes down. A big screen to enjoy a match with your friends while keeping an eye on the bar exchange as well , Me and my friend watched Man U Vs Liverpool, It was a great match and an Smashing Evening well spent.

Noida Bar Exchange Noida Bar Exchange Noida Bar Exchange

Here are do’s and don’t of the Bar Exchange :

Do’s :

  1. Variety of stuff to choose from , just keep an eye on your bar exchange.
  2. You would know the drink in demand and can wait for the prices to go down for those.
  3. Bucket of nachos with your drink is a good bet.
  4. Enjoy a good ambience and match on big screen , so choose the days like when there is a India Pakistan match.
  5. Good and helpful support staff.
  6. Download the app and get going. Rate the app on the go.

Don’t :

  1. Chicken Momo’s or whatever they call it is a big No.
  2. Cant be accompanied with young children , bowling area or cricket would be better for them.
  3. More screens for watching a match would add to the fun.

All in all a nice place just opened up for you to enjoy a nice evening with a friend , this is without a doubt a nice place to be. 3.5 for the place and 0.5 for the concept.

A 4/5 from R4Review Team.

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