Matrika’s paper product: Your Creativity is all yours

Your Creativity is all yours………

“In chaos, everyone has his own modus operandi to reach the peace”

And for many of us, it’s jotting down our thoughts on plain paper. Because sometimes just a few moments with ourselves is all that we need; to go through the tough moments smoothly, to believe back in ourselves, to move on, to share our happiness, to loose our temper, to be sad, to be mad, to be what we are.


And that’s why, scribbling down the heart and mind on notepaper is my personal idea to reach serenity. After all, penning down the thoughts is my first passion.


Matrika’s women journal

“Matrika” means “mother” in Sanskrit and this word itself brings the unknown assurance, satisfaction and energy in us. For the reason that no matter what happens, that one person will always stand by us, she will always listen to us and will penetrate in our mind and thoughts.

I guess this would have been one of the notions Matrika’s paper product people had in their mind when they started this range; to let all the women out there feel the collectedness when they are with this partner.

When I received my copy of this journal, I was spellbound by the first look of it.


A fish was made out of golden ink on the cover-page. And it was meant to glide, to freewheel in every moment, to keep the flow of thoughts ongoing without hurdles.

The other options available in the cover-page also signify one or the other impressions as in:

The butterfly – to dream

The fish – to glide

The feather – to write

The dragonfly – to fly

There are particular pages in the journal to paint our thoughts with colors; both with the real colors and with colors of life)  and a list of stickers to express different moods so that when we roam around these pages sometime in future, a smile can flash on our lips. Memories need to be recreated!!


So all you girls and ladies out there, if you have the smallest bit of flair for writing and you want to experience a new kind of fun and relish while decorating the thoughts, I would suggest that you should try these products for once. Not just that these are quite catchy to eyes but also the quality of paper used is par excellence.

I bet, you can’t get over it. At least I have not. The more I write in it, the more I want to write again and again.


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