Memorable Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony with Radisson Blu

I know you’ll envy me when I’ll tell you that how privileged I was to get an invite from Radisson Blu to celebrate the arrival of Christmas along my parents in their traditional Christmas cake mixing ceremony.

An opportunity no one can afford to miss. It was fun to participate with my parents while we mixed 7 to 8 bottles of liquor in a table full of dry fruits and nuts! Yes, you heard it right 😉

Celebrating Togetherness with Christmas Cake Mixing ceremony

As we took part in the ritual popular in Europe, it was enlightening to know, how Christmas cake is traditionally made. One and a half month before the cake making process, we need to ferment the dry fruits and nuts into rum or whisky to get that Christmas cake flavor. And yes! We all love that secret flavor, don’t we! These dry fruits and nuts are then mixed into the core cake ingredients which give the cake it’s Christmasy essence.

Radisson Blue even invited Earth Saviour’s Elderly Members to shower their blessings on all of us, with a motive of baking the world a better place together!


As we smiled and celebrated with our elders, the amalgamation of the two generations helped us keep this tradition alive. In today’s World of rat race, we somehow forget to give time to our parents and this is exactly what the event helped us bridge i.e., celebrating ‘togetherness’ with your loved ones. I feel absolutely delighted to be present at the ceremony along with my parents.

It’s High Tea Time 

This was followed by High Tea at the pool side that was full of Shushi and Indian snacks. Well, we even tried the pre-christmas cake! And it was yummylicious.


Well, all this do not end here coz we were invite for a Punjabi Dinner at Radisson Blu’s Broadway.

Punjabi Takda with Broadway

There is something about this place that captivates you again and again. An extended invite to have dinner at this amazing restaurant headed by chef Avanish Jain. I went with my parents to Broadway restaurant as they started with their winter theme, The Punjabi food fest.

Punjabi Ambience 

Upon entry, I just loved the way the decor was done. Perfect Punjabi touch, right from the waiters, the ceiling, separate section for daaru and the way they arranged food stall was amazing. Check out the pictures.

Punjabi Foodie

I grabbed my favorite dal makhani, sarso da saag with guud, tadoori butter roti. I just loved jal jeera and masala kaleji. Food was enriching, and waiters served us with delight. Mutton Curry and chicken tandoori were fab too. I even tried chowmine, they were in perfect combination with noodles and veggies. They had various variety in salads and desserts too. I tried cold gulab jamun in dessert, it was nice.


Punjabi Dil

The Broadway restaurant truly replicated the Punjabi Dil in food, culture and lifestyle. As Punjabi may popularly say, “Dil kuch kar dita! Brrruuuha!

All in all, we had a great time at Broadway.


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