Roots of India, Marol, Andheri East.

Roots of India is a Casual dining place + Bar situated at Times Square Building right opposite Kanakia Sevens in Marol.  The place serves a mix of North Indian, Continental, Mughlai, and Asian cuisine. Also, it gathers a huge number of footfalls every day, especially for its delicious buffet.  We tried a variety of scrumptious dishes and beverages from their outspread menu and it sure was a fulfilling dining experience.


The restaurant is quite spacious and organized with comfortable seating ( both sofas and chairs) and contemporary lights over each table. The place has a warm and inviting vibe with the potted plants in between tables on the aisle and the section where the water drizzles down the glass frame, which is quite soothing to watch. There is a separate platform made for buffet beside the table which makes it convenient for the patrons to self-serve. Overall, the ambience is impressive.


We didn’t have to wait much for our orders to arrive except for one starter dish that took longer than usual. The mocktails were quickly served to us together and blended by Mr. Vinod. Mr. Manik and Mukesh took special care of the table, right from filling the water to serving us. Overall, the staff here is courteous and the service overall was satisfactory.


1) Peach Sunrise: It’s a refreshing drink containing peach juice, lemon-lime soda and 3/4 ounce of grenadine (which is mostly used in non-alcoholic beverages and is made  from pomegranate juice sweetened with sugar, flavored with a few drops of lemon juice and orange-flower water.) If you like citrus taste which is sweet and not sharp then this is your go-to mocktail!

2) Coffeetini: Coffeetini or Expresso Martini is an iced-coffee-inspired martini. Thick and luscious in taste; this was the best mocktail we had here. I’d definitely recommend it!

3) Strawberry Surprise: A mix of strawberry. freshly squeezed lemon juice and sparkling water which was sharp to my liking with a sweet after taste. Upon stirring and letting it rest from few minutes the taste gets a little mild.  I’d place it third on this list of four.

4) Green Apple Martini: Again a sharp-tasting mocktail, having apple juice, simple syrup and lemon juice, which is quite piquant in taste at first, leaving a sweet after taste.


1) Kasundi Paneer Tikka: Paneer chunks were well marinated with mustard paste, curd, and desi spices and tasted delectable. The paneer chunks were soft and light on the bite. It came along with green chutney bowl with which it tasted even more toothsome.

2) Mushroom Chilli: These flavourful chilli mushrooms were well cooked and the sauce had a thick consistency. Usually, some restaurants add quite a bit of extra salt in chilli dishes making it extra salty but here the salt was appropriately put giving just the right taste. Must try!

Main Course:-

We had a proper meal in the main course from the buffet menu. It includes:-

  • Paneer Butter Masala which was absolutely scrumptious. The paneer was soft and the butter gravy with the masala was flavorsome.
  • Veg Handi: A healthy mix of vegetables in a gravy made of tomatoes, cashew paste, and cream. It’s a bit sweet and creamy in taste and goes just right with the naan. Absolutely scrummy!
  • Jeera Rice with Dal Tadka: The rice was served hot, cooked well and the combination with the flavourful dal tadka was just heaven! The Dal Tadka here is delish!
  • Singapuri Hakka Noddles with Exotic Veg Green Garlic Sauce: The noodles were boiled well and contained baby corn, carrots, and beans which I absolutely liked. The sauce was again scrumptious is taste which complemented with the taste of the noodles.


They had a variety of desserts here, namely, Gulab Jamun, Vanilla Icecream, Coffee Ice cream, Sabudana Kheer and Assorted pastries from which I tasted Gulab Jamun, the  Ice-creams and Pastries. All the three desserts were rich in taste with its sweetness maintained at the right proportion especially the Gulab Jamuns which were served hot and were light on the bite.

In conclusion, the splendid ambience and scrumptious servings make this place a must-visit. Do check out their buffet menu, it’s delicious!

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Smakelijk Eten!

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